These two will never hit anything as hard as the truth hit downplayers...

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 3-B, likely higher (deal with it)

Name: Dragon Ball Super Episode 12/ Duragon Bowl Suppa

Origin: A studio desperate to redeem themselves after episode 5

Gender: Male (had huge balls to pull something like this)

Age: 2 years (but far overdue)

Classification: An outlier according to many people (This being why)

Powers and Abilities: Hype manipulation, shutting up downplayers, water manipulation (made every Superman fanboy cry uncontrollably), biological manipulation (specifically dealing out damage to the sphincter), fire manipulation (caused massive flame wars online, but they ended quickly cause you can’t argue this), increasing DB wanking, making money, increasing ratings, winning debates.

Attack Potency: Beyond Hyperversal (transcended the 4th wall and destroyed Wiz’s anus.)

Speed: Instantaneous. (Shut down countless arguments immediately.) 

Lifting Strength: Lifted every fan's spirits up.

Striking Strength: Shook up the entire universe and ruffled ScrewAttack’s feathers.

Durability: High. Put up downplayers’ shit for years now.

Stamina: Ran on pure hype for 30 minutes.

Range: More than 4 Galaxies 

Standard Equipment: A multi-galaxy level feat, confirmation from everyone including Whis and the narrator, a feat that puts Goku above even Pre-Crisis Superman and another, stronger form to go.

Intelligence: Smart enough to give the fans what they wanted.

Weaknesses: Toriyama forgetting about this.


Notable Victories:

DBZ downplaying

Everyone's wallets

The anime community's doubt in Toei

Notable Losses:

ScrewAttack Superman (despite being more impressive than anything Superman has ever done without assistance, it "changed nothing" according to Wiz.)