I HAVE $%&/()=? HAD IT WITH YOUR !"#$%. You little !"#$%& are going to have your bodies ripped in half. I'll shove your ()=?¡ so far down your throats that when you ¨*]ñ[ you'll sing !"#$% Beethoven


Dr. Andonuts used to be a good scientist, but after he sent Ness, Paula, Jeff and Poo to stop Giygas, he believed that his "timeline" would be erased; but instead, he split the timeline in half.

Giygas's coming was averted, but since Ness, Paula, Poo and Jeff came back in time, defeated Giygas, they appeared in a new timeline where Giygas never came.

The Andonuts from the first timeline went bananas since he believed that he killed the 4 kids, filled in grief and madness he started experimenting on people, animals and also traveled to the new timeline to kickstart the plot of the hack

Powers and Stats

Tier: Crawling in my skin/10

Name: Dr. Andonuts, Sans (Wanked)'s long lost grandfather (due sharing his song)

Origin: Earthbound: Halloween Hack

Gender: Male

Age: 50's

Classification: Human that went full bonkers

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, genius and banana insane level of intellect, had Sans'song before it was cool, very good at insulting people, use of PSI, his grief and sadness doesn't let him die

Attack Potency: Edgy level+ (rips off arms, insults people with ease), Universe level+ normally (can literally make the game bu stuck on a loop just by laughing his butt off, can one hit kill Paula, Jeff and Poo with his best attack)

Lifting Strength: Maximum sadness level+, otherwise Superhuman

Striking Strength: ARM RIPPING level+ (can rip off arms with ease), otherwise Universal+ (can one hit any character with his arm ripping attack)

Speed: CRAWLING level+, otherwise FTL

Durability: Dead inside already, Universe level+

Standard Equipment: His experiments, his sadness and grief

Weaknesses: Doesn't think rationally, likes to be edgy

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

-Arm Ripping: Rips off his opponent

-HAHAHAHAHAHA infinity: Loops the death his opponent for an unlimited amount of time just by laughing

-PK FIRE HANDS: Sets his hands on fire and burns his opponent

-Snow stuff: Creates snow and shoves your face against it until his opponents passes out of lack of oxygen

-Liquefied air: No need to explain

-Freeze Omega: Freezes his opponent alive

-Focus Energy: Pumps up

-PSI BITCHKILL OMEGA: Omnidirectional attack, creates a massive wave that causes fatal damage

-Kick to the crotch: Self explanatory


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