Presenting the most famous MLG snack out there, Dorito Chips!

Powers and Stats

Tier: MLG

Name: Doritos Chips

Origin: Frito-Lay/MLG DankVille

Gender: It's a chip.

Age: Fresh outta the bag

Classification: Chip

Powers and Abilities: Crunchiness, Packed With Flavor, Sticks To Your Fingers

Wielders: Dank/MLG Characters

Attack Potency: MLG Level

Speed: Crunchypresent

Durability: Corn Chip Level

Stamina: Very High (Great snack for gaming sessions)

Range: 420 X Infinity

Intelligence: N/A

Weaknesses: The consumer is usually stuck licking their fingers unless they really don't care

Note: The stats mostly apply to when the chips are consumed

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