This entire profile is downplaying Diddy Kong (Community Version) to absurd lengths and beyond.


"Diddy Kong is 3-A for beating Cell"

Diddykong 070925a-l

Powers and Stats

Tier: 3-A | 0 , likely -1 | -∞-A

Name: Diddy Kong

Origin: G+ Community

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown, probably created existence though.

Classification: The Supreme Diety Monkey, Somehow related to a Gorilla

Powers and Abilities: Above Omnipotence, Above Omniscience, Above Omnipresence, Verse Soloing Manipulation, Fiction Soloing Manipulation, Existence Erasure, Reality Warping, Plot Manipulation, etc. (It is said that Ajimu has only a fraction of the amount of abilities Diddy has) 

Attack Potency: Universe Level (Via scaling to Cell who is clearly universal) | True Infinity (Far stronger then Akuto Sai), True Infinity++++++++++++ (Infinitely superior to all his pollsand has been stated to be omnipotent . Even defeated The One Above All) | Attack Potency is mere fiction to him

Speed: FTL+ (Reached the Moon in a couple of seconds which is 100% FTL) | Immersurable (Faster then his poll victims) | "Omnipresence" is mere fiction to him

Lifting Strength: Stronger than any verse. Suggsverse got fodderized by him without even noticing

Striking Strength: Enough to solo anyone

Durability: Universe Level (Cause AP=Durability) | True Infinity, True Infinity++++++++ | Durability is mere fiction to him

Stamina: Limitless | Beyond Limitless | Laughs at the fact that you think stamina even bothers him

Range: Universe Level | True Infinity | If he throws a punch it will hit you no matter what.

Standard Equipment: Above Omnipotent Jetpack, Above Omnipotent Peanut Gun, your verse soloed

Intelligence: Omniscient (Despite being a monkey that can't talk, he knows everything) | Above Omniscient (Created the mere concept fo omniscience) | Laughs at the fact that you think there's a word that can describe his intelligence.

Weaknesses: None | None | LOL HAAHAHAHHAHAHAHA XD


-Fodderized Star Butterfly (Who is Boulder Level)

-Fodderized Flandre Scarlet

-Fodderized Maria Ushiromiya

-Fodderized Bill Cipher

-Fodderized Akuto Sai

-Diddy and the rest of the Mario verse fodderized the whole Umineko verse (Not that Diddy or Mario needed their help though)

-Fodderized fiction in his composite form

-Fodderized SRB

Key: Manga Feats | Game & TV Show Feats | Composite

Note: Still downplay tbh

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