Deaugh Fish



This is the infamous "Deaugh Fish" from SpongeBob. And yes the "ugliness" DOES bother him.

Powers and Stats


Name: Deaugh Fish

Origin: SpongeBob SquarePants/Skodwardeverse

Gender: Male

Age: Sounds like he's in his 20s

Classification: Fish

Powers and Abilities: Deaughing, Super Deaughing, Deaughination, Muh Deaugh, Deaughon, Deaugh Of The Deaugh, Raging Deaughon, Kamehame-DEEEAAUUGGHHHH, Deaughpotence

Attack Potency: Deaugh Level

Speed: Speed Of Deaugh

Lifting Strength: Deaugh Power

Striking Strength: One Punch Deaugh

Durability: Indeaughable

Stamina: Unlimited Deaugh

Range: Deaughpresent

Standard Equipment: His Deaughs

Intelligence: OmniDeaughscient+++++++++

Weaknesses: The Ugly



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