Daruto Redwinter

The strongest Potara Fusion


This is a potara fusion of Dante Anthony Redgrave and Haruto Fuyuyasumi, an astronomically powerful being that even those that called themselves above them are simply ants to their mere power. Pretty much this character can and will always stomp any and all that fights him.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Impossible to Define

Name: Daruto Redwinter

Origin: ???

Gender: Impossible to determine (but appears male)

Age: Time is dead to him (but appears as a 21 year old)

Classification: Fusion of the strongest

Powers and Abilities: Everything you can imagine in existence, nonexistence, and will exist

Attack Potency: Impossible to define (is beyond infinitely more powerful than both its individual characters final form in base)

Speed: Impossible to define (is beyond infinitely faster than both its individual characters final form in base)

Lifting Strength: Impossible to define (has beyond infinitely lifting strength than both its individual characters final form in base)

Striking Strength: Impossible to define (has beyond infinitely striking strength than both its individual characters final form in base)

Durability: Impossible to define (is beyond infinitely faster than both its individual characters final form in base)

Stamina: Impossible to define (has beyond infinitely more stamina than both its individual characters final form in base)

Range: Impossible to define (has beyond infinitely more range than both its individual characters final form in base)

Standard Equipment: All weapons that will exist, not exist and exist now and amp them beyond infinitely more than what haruto and dante did

Intelligence: Impossible to define (is beyond infinitely smarter than both its individual characters final form in base)

Weaknesses: The concept of weakness is below him

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Broken Copy Cat- Copies every movement by existing and if the moves have a weakness the weakness is instantly removed making it flawless
  • Broken Immunity- He is absolutely indestructible as shown in his durability and cannot be wished out of existence and plus it can be countered if anyone tries to remove him from existence and his abilities cannot be taken or copied can he do that making it quite one sided
  • Broken evolution- He keeps evolving no matter what infinitely every single instant (though its just a way to say it but it actually means faster than instant just like the battle that he had he evolves infinitely in only that time frame so there is no end to it)
  • Super saiyan Transformations- Can transform into super saiyan but the stats are amped to infinity for at least one transformation
  • Kaioken- Ampes stats too like super saiyan and combine them with the super saiyan transformation
  • Chaos emeralds, world rings, excalibur- Ampes stats infinitely can also combine
  • Kamehameha-Destroys infinite amount the fiction and reality verse easily can be higher if desired
  • Galick Gun- Same as Kamehameha
  • Final Flash- Same as Galick Gun
  • Spirit bomb- Gathers energy from fiction and reality instantaneously
  • Chaos Force-Has access to all Chaos Powers and can merge with it
  • Chaos Control- Envelopes everything in time and space can reset reality and fiction easily without a chaos emerald nearby
  • Chakra- Has access to all moves related to this even family related things cause he is a hybrid of every bloodline in fiction and reality
  • Rasengan- All variations of it all amped infinitely easily
  • Chidori- Same as Rasengan
  • Six Paths jutsu- All of the six paths techniques amped infinitely easily
  • Tailed beast bomb- Same as Chidori and Rasengan
  • Satsui No Hado and Power of Nothingness-Tranformations that harness light and darkness
  • Misogi- Teleports above an opponent and smash space and time into oblivion
  • Kongou Kokuretsuzan- Same like Misogi but doesn't teleport
  • Raging Demon-Destroyes the soul and bypass durability and turn your sins against you (though even the sinless will die to this attack thanks to it being modified) plus even if you remove the move can still destroy it by it's aura alone but now can use it to wipe out fiction and reality infinitely by just activating him and can attack nonexistence beings and destroys anyone with any kind of immortality even type 5 (Daruto is immune to the raging demon though and all his moves can destroy any kind of immortality even type 5 and it doesn't need to be a soul for the raging demon to destroy) 
  • Mantra-Tranformations that rely on anger and infinitely increases as less than one atom seconds past by
  • Devil Trigger- Like Kaioken, Super saiyan, etc but it has a healing factor plus changes with whatever weapons is currently used but now can combine it and use all of its benefits also can take the form of his father
  • Styles- Trickster, Doppelgänger, Gunslinger, Sword master, Royal Guard and Quick silver are the few examples of the styles that can be utilize in battle as he has an infinite amount of those and can combine them (also each style increases stats infinitely) plus all can be used at the same time
  • Stinger- Pierces through opponents and can bypass any durability (but isn't limited to one person as all his move can destroy reality and fiction infinitely)
  • Showtime- A devastating combo that shows Bingo!, Are You Ready?, and Showtime!
  • Father's will- A devastating combo of doom
  • Elemental destruction- Destroyes everything with the power of all the elements
  • Dragon Shot- Shoots a red ball out of his hand normally exclusive with boosted gear but now can shoot it without it.
  • Boosted gear and Divine Dividing- His most notable Sacred Gears but has all of them even the Longinus'
  • Illegal Triania- Based on the pieces of knight, rook and bishop amps strength infinity
  • Balance breakers- Transformations that also amps strength infinity
  • Juggernaut Drive- Same as Balance Breaker and Illegal Triania
  • Diabolos Dragon- Same as above and has a move named Infinity Blaster that blasts infinite dimensions and once exists the form he won't feel intense pain
  • Transformations- Can turn into any animals and combine them (its the same fuction as the ones above)
  • Dragon Fist- It pierces through anyone and anything plus can easily bypass durability
  • Da Capo Zero- Destroyes everything and turns it back to nothing even reality and fiction to the point it won't exist except himself also is immune to anyone who uses it against him (like taking him back to the state before he gained his training will be useless)
  • Asgard Wolf- A very devastating attack and guarantees victory as it destroy an infinite amount of omniverses with fiction and reality infinitely at once plus can launch it launch it instantaneously (though technically all his attacks can do that) 
  • Overload Asgrad Wolf- A infinitely more powerful version of Asgard wolf and can launch the attack instantaneously
  • Gungnir- It's similar to Asgard wolf just it governs: law, space, rules and power
  • Das Rhiengold- It creates form (also the first rule of gungnir) and makes Daruto unable to be destroyed (it is just an extra defense to his immortality).
  • Die Walkuere- It creates all of space and the second rule of gungnir.
  • Siegfried- The third rule makes whatever rule Daruto creates bound to everyone and cannot be broken from it laws.
  • Goetterdaemerung- The final rule makes the attack into a dense sphere of absolute power by just punching the air can destroy reality and fiction infinitely all at once with no effort
  • Overlimit Gungnir- A infinitely more powerful version of Gungnir and use all of the laws
  • Bolverkr- It's technically a spirit bomb..
  • Endless Banish- Turns everything to nothing like Da Capo Zero and can be used by being in one spot effecting everyone
  • Arcadiajinx- Can create absolute rules that everyone must obey and rules like everyone has to die in less than an atom second then it must happen
  • Forbes Blutgang- An attack that burns anything to the ground it can be launch instantly and will not use any lives as that weakness was taken away when copied by Daruto
  • Levels- Increases stats infinitely (restrained is level infinity, level infinity minus 1, etc cause it decreases it is more powerful reaching level 0 means well if decreasing one level amps stats infinitely then imagine that) also can resurrect the dead to fight with him and they cannot be killed unless Daruto says they can (though it is not restricted to this move only)
  • Gungnir Divine Zero- Combines Da Capo Zero and Overlimit Gungnir creating a destructive energy that easily wipes out reality and fiction infinitely
  • Muso Tensei- By passes everything formerly can not only effect the nerves but destroy almost all the organs in a single strike also gaining intangibility (it cause dimensional on a infinite amount of omniversal scale easily in post-journey)
  • Persona- Posses humanoid type that fight alongside the user with a specific arcana to match and later obtained all of the personas and arcana (but his first arcanas were 0 the fool, 4 the emperor, 13 the chariot, 12 the hanged man, 13 death, 17 star and 21 the world/the universe/ (in his case) the infinity and eternity) he has all the spells and each persona has everyone skills and fusion spells can be done individually like satan can do Armageddon with our lucifer or hell or Messiah gets myriad truths making all their move sets infinity plus all the power is amped infinitely easily but also the moves like Gaea Rage that specializes in earth now has all the alignment meaning it cannot be countered (though the way its executed are all different) also like cannot be destroyed only by him though and he won't be effected if they are damage but like him have issues of being damaged as they are immune to any alignment
  • The Wild Card- It is an ability that helps the user posses all arcana's making it sort of a Jack of All Trades kind but doesn't really need it now though it amps his stats infinitely again
  • Salvation- Heals anyone from everything
  • Armageddon and Armageddon R- Destroyes everything infinitely and if anyone uses this R counters it even further
  • Gaea Rage- Destroys every plane of existence infinitely easily
  • Myraid Truth- Same as Gaea Rage
  • Megialodon- Same as Myraid Truth
  • Great Seal- Seals everything away and only he can break the seal in his own will
  • Death Flies- Same as Megialodon
  • Infinite Destruction- Same as Death Flies
  • Terror of Fortune- Same as Infinite Desruction
  • Lovers of Darkness- Same as Terror of Fortune
  • Bloody Divorce- Same as Lovers of Darkness
  • Guard Punish- Destroys any kind of defense then easily destroys everything infinitely
  • Yin-Yang balance destroyer- Same as Armageddon, Gaea Rage, etc
  • Force Impact- Slices fiction and reality infinitely easily with one slash
  • Infinity Giga Drill Storm Breaker- Drills through Fiction and Reality
  • Sacrificial- Formerly needed Yamato and Rebellion to execute he stabs himself to near death but this is an instant kill to everything by destroying it infinitely but now can do it on a whim without the weapons.
  • Imagination- Creates and Destroys everything by thinking about it infinitely and thanks to Dante's mind being crazy well you get what I mean but he cannot kill himself no matter the situation even still cannot remove the immortality that he himself created
  • Eternal Atoms- Can't stay dead as long as the person doesn't destroy the physical, astral, spiritual planes at the same time (doesn't needed it at the end of the game)
  • Immunity removal- Can take away any immunity from anyone and it cannot be countered
  • Immortality removal- Anyone with any kind of immortality can be taken away by this move easily by existing and anyone cannot take his immortality away even he himself cannot remove his own immortality
  • Ability removal- This destroys and takes the abilities of anyone also everyone at the same time by existing and if desired permenantely but normally gives it back but he added the power infinitely to his own already broken abilities (example all fiction, stands, healing etc aka every single ability crippling anyone and everyone at once)
  • Dimension immunity- He is immune to the negative effects of other dimensions plus making Daruto die will not and will never work.
  • Knight Forms- Like the transformations above and can turn into any species but prefers the knight pictures above
  • Stands- Likes the one in the picture they are his favorites but actually has all the stands and if the stand is damage he won't get effected at all plus they are indestructible only Daruto can destroy them if he wanted too but like him have issues of being damaged he has all the stands in their original versions, act versions, requiem versions, Over heaven versions and can combine all the versions plus turned all their stats to IMPOSSIBLE

Stands Ranking in his verse: 

F- Can destroy a country with Relavistic speeds and country level endurance 

E- Can destroy a solar system with 100,000,000x 

FTL speeds and a solar system level endurance 

D- Can destroy Multi-galaxies with 100,000,000,000,000,000x FTL speeds and Multi-galactic endurance 

C- Can destroy Multiverses with 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000x FTL Speeds and Multiverses endurance 

B- Can destroy hyper verses with googleplexian numbers and hyperversal endurance 

A- Can destroy omniverses with omnipresent speed with omniverses endurance basically an omnipotent 

S- Can destroy 50% of fiction and reality with much faster than omnipresence speed with the same kind of endurance 

Z- Can destroy all of fiction and reality where omnipresent is child's play to the stand with the same endurance 

Infinity- Is practically have infinite power and speed in terms its infinitely more powerful than a Z stand 

NONE- Immeasurablely more powerful than an Infinity stand 

IMPOSSIBLE- The category shows the stand can destroy reality and fiction easily with speed being non-existant and the scale difference between IMPOSSIBLE and NONE is so impossible to define those with this category can swat a NONE stand like it was not even an existing atom 

Though during the 1000 Demon Blood War Arc the Rankings changed this is now the current Rankings: 

F- Is now much more powerful than even the previous IMPOSSIBLE by infinite and beyond 

FF- Beyond Infinitely More Powerful than an F 

FFF- Beyond Infinitely More Powerful than an FF 

E- Beyond Infinitely More powerful than and FFF 

EE- Beyond Infinitely More Powerful than an E 

EEE- Beyond Infinitely More Powerful than an EE 

D- Beyond Infinitely More Powerful than an EEE 

DD- Beyond Infinitely More Powerful than an D 

DDD- Beyond Infinitely More Powerful than an DD 

C- Beyond Infinitely More Powerful than an DDD 

CC- Beyond Infinitely More Powerful than an C 

CCC- Beyond Infinitely More Powerful than an CC 

B- Beyond Infinitely More Powerful than an CCC 

BB- Beyond Infinitely More Powerful than an B 

BBB- Beyond Infinitely More Powerful than an BB 

A- Beyond Infinitely More Powerful than an BBB 

AA- Beyond Infinitely More Powerful than an A 

AAA- Beyond Infinitely More Powerful than an AA 

S- Beyond Infinitely More Powerful than an AAA 

SS- Beyond Infinitely More Powerful than an S 

SSS- Beyond Infinitely More Powerful than an SS 

Z- Beyond Infinitely More Powerful than an SSS 

ZZ- Beyond Infinitely More Powerful than an Z 

ZZZ- Beyond Infinitely More Powerful than an ZZ 

NONE- Beyond Infinitely More Powerful than an ZZZ 

IMPOSSIBLE- Beyond Infinitely More Powerful than an NONE and the highest ranking possible can easily beat anyone of the other ranks without doing anything 

Note: This system is beyond Daruto's system.

  • Gold Experience- It gives and controls life
  • Gold Experience Requiem- Makes the cause stay and the effect gone or vice versa (can send anyone in a never ending death loop and they are brutal…) and they turn every action into zero like Da Capo Zero and Daruto cannot be turned to zero cause he "nothing and everything" making him immune but no noone can break free from this also no one can even have resistance to this let alone immunity (though all his attacks are like that as well)
  • Star Platinum- Is very strong to the point where one punch distorts reality easily
  • Star Platinum: The World- Stops time indefinately
  • The World- Same as Star Platinum
  • Made In Heaven- Accelerate time and creates reality and fiction casually till the end of everything (doesn't effect himself)
  • The World Overheaven- To be added
  • Foolish Emperor's Chariot- His first and most powerful stand it has the best overall balance having every stat Z and has the special ability to mimic attacks from other stand users but later doesn't really need to copy anything as he can by existing but can use this as extra help. It amps itself indefinitely and can keep evolving. 
  • Foolish Emperor's Chariot: Hanging Death's Starry World- TBA
  • Foolish Emperor's Chariot: Hanging Death's Starry Universe- TBA
  • Foolish Emperor's Chariot: Hanging Death's Starry Infinity and Eternity- TBA
  • Foolish Emperor's Chariot Act 0- TBA
  • Foolish Emperor's Chariot Act 1- TBA
  • Foolish Emperor's Chariot Act 2- TBA
  • Foolish Emperor's Chariot Act 3- TBA
  • Foolish Emperor's Chariot Act 4- TBA
  • Foolish Emperor's Chariot Act 5- TBA
  • Foolish Emperor's Chariot Act 6- TBA
  • Foolish Emperor's Chariot Act 7- TBA
  • Foolish Emperor's Chariot Act Infinity- TBA
  • Foolish Emperor's Chariot Requiem- An evolved version of Foolish Emperor Chariot it makes the power so destructive but he can manipulate time, space, dimensions, souls etc with such mastery.
  • Foolish Emperor's Chariot Requiem: Hanging Death's Starry World- His stand's next form it has a unique ability that this stand is able to turn the tables by collapsing reality and fiction and replaced it with Darutos dimension and that takes away anyone being able to win. This stand is independent and cannot be seen by precognition like the almighty so no one can know what its abilities or what Daruto will do next at all. This stand cannot be countered or copied also it other powers are still ambiguous according to Daruto saying this is the stands first ability and the other abilities are crazier than this one though notes this ability alone can destroy author level characters who made the story stripping them of that power so yeah all their haxes and concepts with abilities even if they are similar to Angelo will be gone because of the dimension.
  • Foolish Emperor's Chariot Requiem: Hanging Death's Starry Universe- To be Added
  • Foolish Emperor's Chariot Requiem: Hanging Death's Starry Infinity and Eternity- To be Added
  • Dimension- While not an attack this a place based on his stand Daruto dimension is bigger than reality and fiction and only he can destroy it plus the only way to escape is death as he takes away the powers and immunity of anyone who he sees as his enemies and he can resurrect those who died in the dimension (can do that regularly actually but you get it).
  • Foolish Emperor's Chariot Over Heaven- To Be Added

Foolish Emperor's Chariot Over Heaven: Hanging Death's Starry World- To be Added

Foolish Emperor's Chariot Over Heaven: Hanging Death's Starry Universe- To be Added

Foolish Emperor's Chariot Over Heaven: Hanging Death's Starry Infinity and Eternity- To be Added

Foolish Emperor's Chariot Over Heaven Requiem- To Be Added

Foolish Emperor's Chariot Over Heaven Requiem: Hanging Death's Starry World- To be Added

Foolish Emperor's Chariot Over Heaven Requiem: Hanging Death's Starry Universe- To be Added

Foolish Emperor's Chariot Over Heaven Requiem: Hanging Death's Starry Infinity and Eternity- To be Added

  • Infinite wall destroyer- An ability that destroys a lot more than just the fourth wall like the name implies so yeahhhhh
  • Monado Arts: God killing techniques and can recreate reality and fiction as another way to repair his infinite destruction attacks and are immune to these arts
  • Hamon- Formerly only for stoping evil things and isn't for destruction can now be very destructive and kill anyone at the same time instantaneously (like all his other attacks) and his breathing can be irregular or he doesn't need to breathe to produce Hamon anymore
  • Absolute Chaos- Literally like all his offensive attacks that corrupts space-time and everything around it destroying it in an instant
  • V-The visionary- Another Version of imagination formerly needed clones but now can do it on a whim and even if he imagined his death it won't happen at all as he is un-killable even in base form
  • A-The Almighty- Another version of his precognition he can force people to follow him because he knows everyone's power 
  • Z-The Zero- To be added 
  • Anger- While technically not a move its an ability that amps Daruto's stats infinitely but formerly cannot control his rage and can destroy fiction in less than a minute but now can just do it on a whimp also it cannot be taken away if anyone attempts to remove this abilities (later all his abilities have this security system) the rage will destroy the person inside out no matter the concept or how powerful they are and once thats done returns to Daruto
  • Blut- Gives an infinite boost in amount of defense and offense and can use both at the same time
  • Blut Vene- Gives infinite defense to his already infinity defense
  • Blue Vene Anhaben- Uses it as a forcefield eats anything absorbing their powers even when inside it
  • All Fiction- Can deny everything even existance as he one time said Reality and Fiction don't exist they just died except himself and Daruto is immune to this
  • Non fiction- It is used to undo all fiction though he doesn't need to since he modify all fiction it to undo the damage he has done but non fiction can do what all fiction did as he modify to plus he is immune to this effect
  • April Fiction- Erases everything and formally has a time limit though he can make it permanent if desire and he is immune to this effect
  • Book Maker- Can seals everyone's power making them powerless like his ability removal and he is immune to this effect
  • Stand Rush Beatdown- He can use all stand beatdowns but prefers MUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDA!!!!!! the most
  • Fiction and Reality wreckage- Time stops in an infinite amount of copies of fiction and reality and it hit her and he used his stand barrage so it exploded but she came out of it without scratch as he expected.
  • Speedforce- This is something he doesn't use often as he really doesn't need it help his speed increase to the point where he is even outclasses anyone.
  • Emperor Mode- Like all the transformations but he can control legions of people (all angels and demons and everyone were under his influence and cannot fight back)
  • Eagle Mode- His fourth most powerful and fourth favorite animal transformation
  • Wolf Mode- His third most powerful and third favorite animal transformation
  • Lion Mode- His second most powerful and second favorite animal transformation
  • Dragon Mode- His most powerful and favorite animal transformation (the pictures are his forms example)
  • The Seven Sins- Base on the seven deadly sins: Lust, Gluttony, Sloth, Greed, Envy, Pride and Wrath
  • Lust- To be added
  • Gluttony- To be added
  • Sloth- To be added
  • Greed- To be added
  • Envy- To be added
  • Pride- To be added
  • Wrath- To be added
  • The Goat's ultimate sin: Lust- To be added
  • The Boar's ultimate sin: Gluttony- To be added
  • The Grizzly's ultimate sin: Sloth- To be added
  • The Fox's ultimate sin: Greed- To be added
  • The Serpent's ultimate sin: Envy- To be added
  • The Lion's ultimate sin: Pride- To be added
  • The Dragon's ultimate sin: Wrath- To be added
  • God summoners- Daruto manages to summon all gods and goddess from every mythology and gives them infinitely more powerful stats all at once to fight along side him
  • Bronze Cloth: Draonsus wolgelixer- A combination cloth based on the dragon, lion, pegasus, Eagle, Phoenix, Tigerand Wolf they amp his stats infinitely its special abilities is to make enemies choose to surrender the fight and let him win but at the cost of their powers being stripped or they die instantaneously and can't be ignored no matter what also absorbs their powers (note: they combined all the constellations and animals but the names are limit to those only as naming all the constellations at once is so long and hard and can burn all cosmos infinitely though one only can do that so imagine burning them all)

Silver Cloth: Draonsus wolgelixer- To be added

Gold Cloth: Draonsus wolgelixer- To be added

Platinum Cloth: Draonsus wolgelixer- To be added

God Cloth: Draonsus wolgelixer- To be added

Omega Cloth: Draonsus wolgelixer- To be added

Omega God Cloth: Draonsus wolgelixer- To be added

Almighty Omega God Cloth: Draonsus wolgelixer- To be added

Almighty Saint Omega God Cloth: Draonsus wolgelixer- To be added

True Infinity Almighty Super Saint Omega God Cloth: Draonsus wolgelixer- To be added

  • Save Load and Delete- This is ambiguous but Daruto can save every movement made in all of reality and fiction reseting everything to any point in time but there a thing called Delete is an ability to destroy reality and fiction infinitely by deleting a save point and since he has an infinite amount of them then you get the point… (also immune to it's effects)
  • Precognition- Predicts all possible outcomes and no one can predict him (plus all the outcomes are him winning anyway)
  • Potences- He possesses every single potencies like the solopotence, Gokupotence, Brolypotence, Popopotence, Kenpachipotence, omnipotence, etc (you get it he has all the potences that exist and copy them) also he is immune to these potences so it will be useless to use them against Daruto
  • Rebirth- Can stop the infinite damage and reset everything infinite times
  • Life wiper- Eccientially the same as destroying infintely just with people's lives by existing
  • 555: the number of god- gives godly essences and like a transformation adds his stats beyond infinitely a godly immunity
  • 666: the number of the beast- gives more demonic essences like 555 just more evil and boosts demonic powers also gives demonic kind of immunity
  • 777:Combination of good and evil- Also know as the perfect number Daruto boosts this to unimaginable heights even more than infinity and combines both the godly and demonic essences gives balance immunity Note: The immunities in the numbers just means he is immune to a bunch of damage only people equal to him can damage him in those states
  • True Ultimate Final Infinity Chaos Holy Angry Raging Spirit Devil Kamegari Dragon Fist Bomb- It's Darut's second ultimate move essentially combines all the moves but most notable have combined with the chaos force, spirit bomb, tailed beast bomb, raging demon, devil trigger, angel powers, Chidori, Rasengan his inner rage, kamehameha and dragon fist into one move. This move destroyed an infinite amount of reality and fiction combined infinite times in just one blast easily also can destroy anyone with its blast even with shielding immortality it takes everything away making it a super haxful and ultra strong raw power move (though all his attacks can force immortals to die this one is a huge upgrade from all the moves).

Choten: An internal energy that combines Ki,Reiatsu and Magic, creating a powerful source of energy that is only exclusive to Daruto.

Final Form: A form that turns Daruto's clothes white and black, it also enables him to weild multiple weapons. As long as Daruto is in this form he is able to have complete dominion over time and space regardless of anything and everything not making it happen.

  • Cross-Slash (has variations of this move): Deals 3 strikes before sending the opponent flying.
  • Climhazzard: Dashing forward blade first Daruto deals multiple strikes before doing an upward slash sending his enemies into the air, as soon as the enemies are above him, faster than the enemy can comprehend Daruto moves on above them before stabbing down with his blade sending the opponent trough any planet/dimension/world/realm into the other side by breaking it.
  • Omnislash (Including its variations): A move powerful enough to insta-kill if caught in it.
  • Sonic Break: Coating his blade in an element Daruto deals 3-strikes to his opponents before knocking them away, Daruto can combine this move with Finishing Touch for a devastating attack.
  • Finishing Touch (has variations of this move): Daruto starts spinning like a vortex dragging anything in while rising and cutting them multiple times before knocking them down.
  • Rising Sun: Can hit opponents at a sub-quantum level. 
  • Reflaga: Ultra shield that can protect from absolutely anything and everything.
  • Cross-Cut: Similar to Cross-Slash, except that anything it hits is turn into nothing.
  • Triforce Slash: Shoots a beam of light at Omnigigaultraversal levels that deals multiple strikes to the opponent (each strike is an insta-kill) before dealing a powerful blow at the end
  • Rough Divide: Charging energy into his sword, Daruto dashes shoulder first towards his enemies, hitting them with this move Daruto destroy's the ability to negate and deny moves and attacks permanently.
  • Blasting Zone: Raising and charging energy into his sword, Daruto brings down a wave of energy towards his enemies destroying reality and fiction.
  • Revolver Drive: Holding and pointing his sword forward, Daruto charges energy into it while dashing forward dealing multiple strikes to any enemy that gets caught in it, transferring any damage done to Daruto towards his enemies.
  • Fated Circle: Daruto summons energy spheres that covers fiction and reality and explode with the force of infinite^omniverse^infinite Big Bang's.
  • Braver: Charging energy into his sword, Daruto dashes forward blade first towards his enemy, as soon as he stabs them a massive energy surge freezes the enemy in time and space before bringing them down with a overhead slash that is capable of creating an explosion that dwarfs existence.
  • Meteo Rain: Daruto instantly summons meteors the size of a omniverse down to his enemies.
  • Renzokuken: Charging any type of element into his sword, Daruto deals twelve hits to his enemies destroying the capacity to attack him permanently.
  • Ragnarok: Shoots beams of light at Omniversal levels.
  • Limit Cauge: A small bar that fills up by either gathering energy or getting hit. As soon as the cauge is fill Daruto's attack are permanently enhanced to a degree where the enemy is hit while the cauge is full automatically looses anything and everything making them lose the battle the moment they are touched.
  • Blade Beam: A energy slash that travels trough the ground, it can easily cut through any defense.

Ever-Sealing: Can seal anything and everything no matter what...forever.

Dragon Install ver. A: Daruto transforms temporarily into a Dragon/Human hybrid that can destroy,negate,ignore,bypass,seal,override and short circuit anything and everything regardless of the enemies decision or absoluteness to survive getting hit in this mode.

  • Gun Flame: Daruto channels any type of element from the deepest part of non-existence into his sword, stabbing the sword into the ground Daruto unleashes a wave that can cover the deepest part of existence.
  • Grant Viper: Channeling any type of element into his sword, Daruto unleashes an uppercut into his opponents destroying their existence and non-existence.
  • Tyrant Rave ver. X: Channeling any type of element into his fist, Daruto unleashes a wave that completely destroys reality,fiction,fanfiction and the internet all together.

Satsui no Hado Ver.2: Tapping into his inner darkness, Daruto gains an immense power boost beyond infinity^infinity^infinity (above and beyond this concept). As Daruto uses this mode his skin turns darker, his eyes turn completely red down to the pupils, his clothes get slightly darker and his hair turns grey.

  • Shoryuken Ver.2: A uppercut that is able to shatter an enemy's soul to the point of no return. Haruto is able to add in elements for extra damage.
  • Hadouken Ver 2: A energy projectile that can cancel attacks and destroy any weapon and armor. Elements can be added for extra damage.
  • Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku: A spinning kick that deals massive damage towards his enemies (the move can pass through projectiles and destroy them).Elements can be added for extra damage.
  • Bushin Senpuu Kyaku: Daruto replaces himself with a clone, if the enemies hit the clone Haruto immediately attacks with a spinning kick that permanently removes the victims senses.
  • Zankuu Hadouken: A elemental charged hadouken that is able destroy dimensions.This hadouken acts like a vacuum pulling the enemies into it while damaging them multiple times before exploding.
  • Shippu Jinrai Kyaku: Dealing multiple kicks to his opponents before adding an elemental Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku at the end, Daruto can bypass the enemies ability/power/technique/move/effect/potence to negate any and all moves/attacks/techniques/abilites regardless of the enemy's making having it impossible or possible for this effect to not work or work on a different way.
  • Shoryureppa: Daruto deals two elemental strike towards his opponent before hitting them with an elemental uppercut, sending them flying above and beyond while dealing multiple strikes.
  • Shinryuken: Doing a small spin before hunching down, Daruto charges an element on his fist before hitting the enemy with an uppercut that pulls anything and everything in while doing multiple strikes before bringing them down creating an explosion that can destroy fiction,reality,the internet and fanfiction. 
  • Skuhachi: Hunching slightly forward, Daruto moves so in fast that everyone thinks he's invisible. As he travels Daruto leaves a trail of fire that damages anyone near it. Anyone able to perceive him moving will only see him as a blur no matter what...always.
  • Tameiki Wari: Stomping his foot on the ground, Daruto unleashes an elemental Phoenix that rises from the ground directly below the enemy.
  • Tenma Gou Zankuu: Dashing at the enemy with a elemental charged fist, Daruto deals a strike before instantly shooting an elemental charge beam that is capable of erasing time and space itself.
  • Shouki Hatsudo: Daruto dashes forward towards his enemy before hitting them with two strike after which he follows up with a flaming uppercut before bringing them down as a ball of fire.
  • Shun Goku Satsu: Daruto becomes intangible before dashing at the enemy, once he grabs the enemy everything turns black before dealing fiction shattering strikes. At the end of this move Daruto plunges his fist in his enemy's stomach before they shatter from existance and non-existance.
  • Hozanto: Quickly advance, turn and violently jabs an elbow forward, enemies hit are affected by everytype of status illment that exist. (after effect move)
  • Hayagake: Shadow Kick: Moving at speeds that the enemy can't comprehend, Daruto vanishes from sight in a shadowy trail before reappearing and delivering a sidelong wheel kick to his opponents, the victims hit get a 1 minute countdown, at the end of the countdown the victim dies.
  • Bunshin Hasoke: Daruto will bring his hands together with two fingers in one hand sticking out in a ninja-like pose, then leap slightly up and forward into the air throwing a jab. If the jab connects, Daruto will proceed with a barrage of punches and kicks, juggling his opponent ever higher into the air for 20 hits total, at the beginning of the move the enemy will be frozen in time, as the combo finishes the enemy explodes.
  • Bushin Goroisenpujin: Daruto performs four punches to the enemies mid-section, if they land, he then backflip-kicks his opponent into the air. While his opponent is spiraling upwards, Daruto creates invisible platforms from each side of the enemy and then procceds to jump from them, as the enemy goes up Daruto speeds pass above them, before he grabs them and pile drives them through the planet.
  • Bushin Muso Renge: Daruto grabs and gut-punches the foe, and roundhouse kicks them away. As the screen goes white, he sprints behind them and strikes with a 15-hit combo, knocking them away before catching up again and delivering another 35-hit combo. During the combos, each attack reduces the victims stats by 99% permanently, Daruto then finishes with 27 quick blows capable of shutting down the victims energy source rendering them incapable of using their abilites.

Ultra Hyper Healing: Can heal from anything and everything the healing will never work on others (unless Daruto heals them) no matter what.

Infinite Loop Breaker: Can break any type of infinite^infinite^infinite (and beyond) amounts of steal mates by destroying the paradox that creates it or the glitch allowing Daruto to automatically win.

Hyper Dying Will Mode: Using this mode in base form enables him to 1-shot anyone beyond tiers, ignoring everything they tried to do or create an immunity to it or even to try and make it that it can't be ignore or denied.

  • X-Burner: Shoots twin flames from his hands able to incinerate absolutely anything and everything, along with freezing everything and electrocuting everything ignoring everything trying to stop it.
  • XX-Burner: Shoots a flames from both hands, soft flames from the left hand and hard flames from the right hand, incinerating everything and making you burn forever.
  • XXZ-Burner: Shoots flames from his hands and feet, causing every type of elemental damage that exist and doesn't exist, ignores the enemies trying to do anything or being everything even being immune to anything and everything and techniques and abilities.

Getsuga Tensho: Channeling his powers into the sword, Daruto fires a crescent like energy wave that is easily able to cut through reality and fiction.

Sage of Six Path Super Majin Devil Mode: A combination of the SSJ Transformation and Sage of Six Path Bijuu Chakra Mode and the Majin Devil Trigger allowing Daruto to be above all, even those that are repeating something or are on their own tiers or above the concept of above.

  • Spirit-Rasenkameha: The combination of Spirit BombRasengan and Kamehameha this move can defeat anyone bypassing and ignoring anything and everything.

Gomu Gomu no Mi: A Paramecia type Devil Fruit that allows Daruto to turn his body into rubber. It enables Daruto to stretch his body like rubber, it also makes him immune to any type of weapon. Daruto is able to instantly increase the potency of his attacks, his durability and speed while using it.

  • Haki: A technique that enables Daruto to permanently use other types of Haki.
  • Busoshoku Haki: A form of Haki that creates "invisible" arms that enables Haruto to attack enemies without using any movement.
  • Busoshoku: Koka: This particular technique enables Daruto to coat his limbs and body in black and shiny indestructible metal that can never be destroyed by any known or unknown means. 
  • Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk: Daruto coats his arm in inextinguishable fire that will burn forever and ever, nothing can stop these flames from burning you to nothing.
  • Gomu Gomu no Rasengan: Using the Gomu Gomu no Mi abilities to create a Rasengan of incomprehensible size.
  • Gomu Gomu no Getsuga Tensho: Using the Gomu Gomu no Mi abilities to fire a Getsuga Tensho at incomprehensible speeds.
  • Gomu Gomu no Red Spirit Bomb: Using the Gomu Gomu no Mi abilities to condense a Spirit Bomb in the palm of his hand, Daruto fuses it with the flames of Red Hawk allowing him to destroy anything and everything ignoring the use of power, abilities, and seals of the enemy that tries to stop the attack or even get around it.
  • Gomu Gomu no Gatling Dragon Fist: Using the Gomu Gomu no Mi abilities Daruto creates Dragon like punches on his hands, hitting the enemy with this attack removes and destroy any and all armor that they possess ignoring the durability, effects, powers, abilities and anything else.
  • Gomu Gomu no Supernova: Using the Gomu Gomu no Mi abilities Daruto is able to create a "Supernova" that moves and hits at incomprehensible speed and power. You can't out run it or counter it or even block it.

Falcon Punch: Daruto moves his arm at incomprehensible "speeds" surrounding it in flames due to the "friction", creating a falcon like bird made out of fire, as the fist travel a vacuum is created sucking and turning anything that gets caught in it into nothing.

Instant Movement: This passive ability enables Daruto to move at speeds faster than a infinite moment.

Dual-Inplosion: Daruto hunches back putting his left arm on the front and pulling his right arm to the back, charging infinitely faster than an instant Daruto pulls his left arm back and moves his right arm forward releasing a massive energy eruption that easily dwarfs Fiction, Reality, Real Life, The Internet, Fanfiction and anything unlimited and limitless.

Ultimate Beskerville ChimeraxInfinite

The Universe: Daruto's Stand, a humanoid looking figure that has nearly all of Daruto's abilities, powers and stats, is able to use all of it's enemies abilities along with being able to use the Great Ignorance Will allowing it to overcome anything and everything, hurting this Stand or even touching it without another Stand sends you to a dimension that ignores everything and anything allowing all usages of abilities, techniques and moves unable to be use, essentially making escape incomprehensible and inescapable, protects Daruto from attacks and abilities that can override his consciousnesses.

Bloody Universe: To be Added

Bloody Universe Requiem: To be Added

Bloody Universe over Heaven: To be Added

Bloody Universe over Heaven Requiem: To be Added

Bloody Chariot: A Stand that is completely similar to The Universe (in description, powers and abilities) with the difference being that this Stand is blood red in color and has the passive ability to protect Daruto from damage and any type of potence, not only that it's also able to combine the Great Ignorance Will with its passive ability to protect all of Daruto's powers and abilities.

Bloody Chariot Requiem: To be Added

Bloody Chariot over Heaven: To be Added

Bloody Chariot over Heaven Requiem: To be Added

Great Ignorance Will: Allows Daruto to ignore and bypass anything (even things that can't be ignored) and everything even abilities, powers, moves, seals, any type of effects, tiers all and all that tries to make this passive ability fail, have it sealed, countered, absorbed, copied, created from somebody,not usable, stolen or simply deactivated, this ability will always be active (this ability only works for Haruto, even if is created by somebody else or they have this ability it will not work no matter how hard they try to use it even if they can create something or have something that can make it work).

No Problem: A passive ability that allows Daruto to instantinously stomp anyone and everyone without using 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001^-1 any number ending with llion of his power. (not that he needs it anyways)


Notable Victories:

Haruto Fuyuyasumi (Note: This was a clone of him with all the same stats and powers, he got utterly stomped)

Dante Anthony Redgrave (Note: Clone of him, he also got stomped)

Any and everything that exist, doesn't exist will exist and will not exist. There is simply no being that can match his power, loosing is a concept that he merely destroys with his presence. He will never be able to loose regardless if his opponents think,define, say or add that they do, in reality he stomps them but they think they actually won when they already lost and were given the win out of sheer pity.

Notable Losses:  Loosing!?, Read above.

Inconclusive Matches:

Dopte Reddington-Hoppengraver (I'm sorry, the fight that you are looking for is not possible to be described, please try again NEVER) (Should be beneath or equal to Hopetan)

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