Name: Dante Anthony Redgrave

Origin: Devil's World

Gender: No gender (Appears male)

Age: Incalculable (The concept of time is dead to him prefers to look like a 21 year old though)

Classification: The man that defies both fiction and reality, Grimm ripper, Death, Son of the traitor, Hybrid of every race in existence, concept destroyer, Almighty one, The unbeatable one, Embodiment of chaos, Host of every Jinchurriki, The angriest one, The one who makes the impossible possible, Lord Wrath, King of the Sin of Wrath, Overseer of Reality and Fiction, Destroyer of Heaven and Hell, God of Fiction and Reality, 21st reincarnation of God

Tier: At least 5-B (base form), High 2-A (by the beginning of the game's full power), High 1-A (At the end of the game base), 0 (at the end full power) | Impossible to define or understand not even beyond memetic doesn't begin to describe his power | Unknown or unable to comprehend as he is much much superior to his Pre-Angelo Arc self | Even more vague than before | Too vague to properly judge but far stronger than before | Inapplicably more powerful than before | Too strong to comprehend | Far superior than ever before | High 1-A at first below tiers after being fully weakened | At Least Can't be tiered and will constantly rise up above tiers by an unprecedented amount (superior to his other selves before) | Unable to lose

Powers and Abilities: Super Human abilities, Time manipulation (reverse and fast forward time for at least 24 hours at most 1 month effects the entire omniverse), Ki manipulation, Elemental Manipulation, Precognition, Reality Warping, Spaital Manipulation, Telekinesis, Badassery Embodiment, Gravity Manipulation, Regeneration (high-godly), Immortality (type 3 and 5/Absolute Immortality (only in his dimension and doesn't have the weakness of an absolute immortal), True Flight, Probability Manipulation, Mastery of using any type of weapons, Can absorb life force, 4th wall awareness, Copy move sets by looking at his opponent (had his eyes closed but still can copy), Quantum Manipulation, Durability Negation, Higher-Dimensional Manipulation (also can escape inescapable dimensions as one time he accidentally touch a stand and went to the dimension but escaped then when they fought again he obtained a stand during their second fight) , Casuality Manipulation, Lots of Magical Abilities, Enchanted Senses, Void Manipulation, Vector Manipulation, Awakened Power (taps into a small fraction of his true potential), Conceptual Manipulation, Darkness Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Aura, The Force, Martial Arts, Telepathy, Martial Arts, Sealing, Shapeshifting, Acasuality, Acid Manipulation, Blood Manipulation, Bone Manipulation, Sound Manipulation, Teleportation, Absorption, Mind Manipulation, Duplication, One Hit Kill Moves, Universal Creation, True Flight, Chakra Manipulation, Complete Arsenal, White Arts, Dark Arts, Animal Manipulation, Animated Shadow, Biological Manipulation, Chain Manipulation, Death Manipulation, Destruction, Forcefields, Magnetism Manipulation, Memory Manipulation, Invisibility, Necromancy, Plant Manipulation, Petrification, Poison Manipulation, Pocket Reality Manipulation, Atomic Manipulation (can actually hit and destroy anyone to the point where the atoms don't exist anymore), Rage Power, Soul Manipulation, Summoning, Reactive Evolution, Thread Manipulation, Weather Manipulation and is immune to all kinds of bad manipulation but can be damaged by them though the effects won't be as they would have, Transformations (slowly gained more transformations as time went on), able to damage and kill nonexistence beings | Has every power from fiction and reality like Non-Corperal (can also copy it by existing and amp the powers infinitely in destructive and defensive capabilities), became a real absolute immortal without his dimension (still doesn't have the limitations of an absolute immortal) and can become real if ever so desired | Same as before to a much greater extent although now he can rewrite the laws of Fiction and Reality so no one is an exception to the rules (like no one can win they became suspend able to it and also their abilities won't work at all) | His powers like before and

Destructive Capacity: At least Planet level (at base in the beginning) Multiversal+ (full power in the beginning) Hyperversal+ (At the end of the game base) Omniverse/True Infinity (At the end of the game Full power | Impossible to define (his existence alone if he so desired in his mortal/human form using no effort can end fiction and reality easily plus is a true omnipotent character if he went to his divine ultimate form it’s absolute overkill and concepts don't matter against him also can end reality and fiction infinitely without thinking even so what ever he does reality and fiction gets destroyed infinitely but he controlled himself not to do that went) | Same as before to a much greater extent | Even stronger than ever before (Superior to Pandora is capable of creating and forcing a singularity on infinite versions of reality and fiction as well as 'Infecting' it with ease and also while she can do the feat far more easily than Dante Pre-Pandora's Awakening with handling his entire group all at one)| Even stronger than ever before (One dragon can easily defeat an infinite amount of Pandoras with a thought and he was able to take them all in their awakened form) | Unimanginably stronger than before (Each person affected by Ragnarok even an atom is easily superior to the dragons and barely hold his own against a Ragnarok infected Haruto managing only to BFR him) | Even stronger than before ( He is again more superior to his previous arc version as well as being able to stomp all the 13 members of the death organization sans Mundus and Angelo even his uncle who he had trouble before and boosted by Mundus making him superior to everyone affected by ragnarok combined) | High Outerversal+ (Is weakened by a significant amount by Mundus as a taunt) below tiers after being fully weakened (Mundus and Angelo debuff Dante and Vergil SO much they were weakened with a single motion from those two)| Unable to comprehend in the slightest (After his awakening as God he was able to stomp Mundus (Awakened as Lucifer) and Angelo (Awakened as Mallifi) with Angelo was able to stomp every one in the cast without any trouble capable of beating them both no matter the amount of times they reincarnate in base) | Unable to lose forever (After the end of the series he made a rule that no one in fiction and reality can surpass and defeat him and his friends for the rest of time making them unable to lose, created an infinite reality and fiction again to watch over also noted to be heavily superior to his first awakening as God)

Range: Hypervesal (Fought his brother all the way across the Hyperverse in less than a minute) Omniverse(At the end of the game) | Everywhere and No where (impossible to tell if he is there or not even in mortal/human form if he went to his divine ultimate form it’s absolute overkill) | Has far more range than ever before | Far more range than before | Unable to classify | Too much to handle | Already too much to even tier | Inapplicably has more range than before | Irrelavant | Nothing can be said about it anymore (Easily above the likes of Mundus and Angelo who are superior to Dante before he awakened even in range) | Unable to surpassed

Speed: MFTL+ with Infinite reactions (in base managed to actually reacted to things octillion km a second casually pint blank at 50% can react Googolplexian km a second point blank casually travelled past solar system in seconds) Irrelavent (Omnipresent at the end of the game) | Too fast to understand (Fought fiction and reality in his mortal/human form with no effort and ended the fight in less than an atom second before anyone realized they were fatally wounded and omnipresent cannot track him or see him not even his brother if he went to his divine ultimate form it’s absolute overkill) | Much faster to a much greater extent | Far faster than before | Unable to classify | Too much to handle | Already too much to even tier | Inapplicably faster than before | Irrelavant | Nothing can be said about it anymore (Easily above the likes of Mundus and Angelo in speed who are superior to Dante before he awakened) | Unable to be surpassed

Lifting Strength: Multiversal+ (during his fight with his brother they threw (I know like lifting) 10 Multiverses at each other at least a nanosecond every time), Irrelavent (end of game base) (True Infinity at the end of the game full power) | Impossible to define (Lifted the entire fiction and reality verse in his mortal/human form with minimal effort if he went to his divine ultimate form it’s absolute overkill) | Stronger to a much greater extent | Far stronger than before | Unable to classify | Too much to handle | Already too much to even tier | Inapplicably stronger than before | Irrelavant | Nothing can be said about it anymore (Easily above the likes of Mundus and Angelo who are superior to Dante before he awakened) | Unable to surpassed

Striking Strength: Multiversal+ (True Infinity at the end of the game) | Impossible to define (a sneeze actually ever sent the entire fiction and reality verse into oblivion in his mortal/human form by accident if he went to his divine ultimate form it’s absolute overkill) | Far stronger to a greater extent | Far stronger than before | Unable to classify | Too much to handle | Already too much to even tier | Inapplicably stronger than before | Irrelavant | Nothing can be said about it anymore (Easily above the likes of Mundus and Angelo who are superior to Dante before he awakened) | Unable to surpassed

Durability: Hyperversal+ (True Infinity at the end of the game) | Absolutely Indestructible (Tested his strength by destroying everything in the fiction and reality verse including their timelines and alternative universes infinitely with his weakest attack and came out without a single scratch or anything really and his creator got killed twice, his past weaker self was killed twice now it is around the 100 googleplexian time he did that to his past self and creator (legit) at the same time with reality and fiction infinitely) and survived plus has the concept where he is unbeatable, uneraseable, unKOable, or un-killable at all) | More durable than ever before | Far more durable than before | Unable to classify | Too much to handle | Already too much to even tier | Inapplicably stronger than before | Same as before (Even when severely weakened Dante and Vergil were able to tank hits from Mundus and Angelo simultaneously albeit barely at all times) | Nothing can be said about it anymore (Easily above the likes of Mundus and Angelo who are superior to Dante before he awakened) | Unable to surpassed (He along with everyone of his friends are unable to lose)

Intelligence: Combat genius lots of years of experience (omniscient at the end of the game) | Knows everything to the dot by existing | Smarter to a far greater extent | Far smarter than before | Unable to classify | Too much to handle | Already too much to even tier | Inapplicably smarter than before | Same as before | Nothing can be said about it anymore (Easily above the likes of Mundus and Angelo who are superior to Dante before he awakened even in intelligence) | Unable to surpassed

Equipment: His Father's weapons and collected some like Excalibur, Chaos Emeralds, etc | Everything (Possess a replica of everything and the weapons have more power than the original but prefers his fist)

Stamina: Nigh Infinite (True Infinity at the end of the game) | Eternity (can fight or do anything for all eternity without having a single sign of fatigue) | Same as before to a much greater extent

Weaknesses: Inexperince with his power (grows tremendously with each fight), Anger Issues (though he can destroy his verse in 15 seconds can effect the fiction verse and possibly the reality verse plus has to be in his pocket dimension so it cannot effect), Rushes into things without thinking | Holds back a lot (but him even existing will be problem as he can just kill everyone by accident on a whim also other than that he is beyond the concept of weakness never having a true weakness only for personality issues) Lazy to a fault (but again this isn't power issue more like personality issues) | No real weakness as he is above the concept of weakness | None Notable | None Notable | None Notable | Was stricken back to human stats and below | None Notable (Has ascended to his full awakening)

"HEHEHEHE man its good to fight on the same level as someone who can easily destroy reality and fiction infinitely as a hobby plus everyone together are from reality and fiction look like a 0 dimensional being all together while you could do all that in that form but also can do everything that everyone like OC's powers and abilities with never-ending evolution but that also sort of makes you a tyrant because no one can break your rules if they do they die like Vergil he broke mine but in all of fiction and reality only I can break your rules and live and you can do the same to me I was made to be a suitable opponent and will kill you by you know who i am pretty sure you know i mean him" Angelo describing Dante's unlimited powers and how it effects everyone

"I will be honest that Dante and I were so much in a deadlock we only can win by luck or overlooking things and making mistakes but now that is very different. He is just too powerful if he was a king in chess than I would just barely become a pawn while the rest are not even worthy of being in the board if he is a tower than I am just an atom while the rest are none existent and he keeps getting bigger while we all get smaller thats just how much different we are now and that keeps growing as we speak I am just lucky he won't kill me cause i am his brother but if he decides to he can end in with nothing more than a stare even if I went to my ultimate form." Vergil comparing himself to Dante 

Note: he is most notably saiyan and demon so he likes to use DB and DMC attacks most but still can do every attack

Note 2: In mortal form is actually un-killable don't confuse it for being mortal just saying he has a 3-D form but he is essentially boundless though now he can destroy fiction and reality infinitely effortlessly in a dot form or just say a 0-dimesional form but still can do what he did in his victories below but wonders around in a 3-D form and it is 3 times infinitely (like infinityXinfinityXinfinity) than the 0 dimensional form  

Note 3: I know the ssj-ssjss4 and kaioken are Goku pictures with others not being so original but they are his transformations also soooooooo…… ya had to use some of the picture cause I can't draw :/

Note 4: Well the one month that passes only happens in his verse while for others are like 10-15 years of training as he slowed time there)

Note 5: When it meant he just need to exist means that he can just be in one place and the end of everything not like you can erase him from existence or seal him as he is immune to haxes, damage let alone death after post-journey

Note 6: I don't own any of the pictures or moves all of them (most of them were from other characters) were from online and I had to use them cause I want too like some drawings as i said in note 4… so a shout out to skian-winterfyre, lithium saint and Billysan291 at deviant for making those awesome pictures here is the link to the original one the other one is lithium saint and for the original one and the last is Billysan291

Note 7: He knows he is a fictional character just rarely states it and can move freely from his writers control and rampage around but just says: "I will see if the writer can give me an interesting challenge and story if not i will kill him for the 100 googleplexian time along like fiction and reality"

Note 8: The number combination is not to offend anyone its just a move set that he has

Notable attacks: Will be listed (even though he has every single move set and all his attacks output can destroy reality and fiction infinitely without effort in his mortal/human form without trying)

  • Broken Copy Cat- Copies every movement by existing and if the moves have a weakness the weakness is instantly removed making it flawless
  • Broken Immunity- He is absolutely indestructible as shown in his durability and cannot be wished out of existence and plus it can be countered if anyone tries to remove him from existence and his abilities cannot be taken or copied can he do that making it quite one sided
  • Broken evolution- He keeps evolving no matter what infinitely every single instant (though its just a way to say it but it actually means faster than instant just like the battle that he had he evolves infinitely in only that time frame so there is no end to it)

Super saiyan Transformations- Can transform into super saiyan but the stats are amped to infinity for at least one transformation

Kaioken- Ampes stats too like super saiyan and combine them with the super saiyan transformation

Chaos emeralds, world rings, excalibur- Ampes stats infinitely can also combine

Kamehameha-Destroys infinite amount the fiction and reality verse easily can be higher if desired

Galick Gun- Same as Kamehameha

Final Flash- Same as Galick Gun

Spirit bomb- Gathers energy from fiction and reality instantaneously

Chaos Force-Has access to all Chaos Powers and can merge with it

Chaos Control- Envelopes everything in time and space can reset reality and fiction easily without a chaos emerald nearby

Chaos Blast- Shatters his opponents even bypassing all regen and immortality except type 5 it is also an AOE attack

Chakra- Has access to all moves related to this even family related things cause he is a hybrid of every bloodline in fiction and reality

Rasengan- All variations of it all amped infinitely easily

Chidori- Same as Rasengan

Six Paths jutsu- All of the six paths techniques amped infinitely easily

Tailed beast bomb- Same as Chidori and Rasengan

Satsui No Hado and Power of Nothingness-Tranformations that harness light and darkness

Misogi- Teleports above an opponent and smash space and time into oblivion

Kongou Kokuretsuzan- Same like Misogi but doesn't teleport

Raging Demon -Destroyes the soul and bypass durability and turn your sins against you (though even the sinless will die to this attack thanks to it being modified) plus even if you remove the move can still destroy it by it's aura alone but now can use it to wipe out fiction and reality infinitely by just activating him and can attack nonexistence beings and destroys anyone with any kind of immortality even type 5 (Dante is immune to the raging demon though and all his moves can destroy any kind of immortality even type 5 and it doesn't need to be a soul for the raging demon to destroy)

Mantra-Tranformations that rely on anger and infinitely increases as less than one atom seconds past by

Devil Trigger- Like Kaioken, Super saiyan, etc but it has a healing factor plus changes with whatever weapons is currently used but now can combine it and use all of its benefits also can take the form of his father

Styles- Trickster, Doppelgänger, Gunslinger, Sword master, Royal Guard and Quick silver are the few examples of the styles that can be utilize in battle as he has an infinite amount of those and can combine them (also each style increases stats infinitely) plus all can be used at the same time. He has one style known as Balancer basically rising everything by an insane amount

Stinger- Pierces through opponents and can bypass any durability (but isn't limited to one person as all his move can destroy reality and fiction infinitely)

Showtime- A devastating combo that shows Bingo!, Are You Ready?, and Showtime!

Father's will- A devastating combo that makes the enemy suffer and can erase people from existence

Elemental destruction- Destroyes everything with the power of all the elements

Dragon Shot- Shoots a red ball out of his hand normally exclusive with boosted gear but now can shoot it without it.

Boosted gear and Divine Dividing- His most notable Sacred Gears but has all of them even the Longinus'

Illegal Triania- Based on the pieces of knight, rook and bishop amps strength infinity

Balance breakers- Transformations that also amps strength infinity

Juggernaut Drive- Same as Balance Breaker and Illegal Triania

Diabolos Dragon God (Boosted gear version)- Same as above and has a move named Infinity Blaster that blasts infinite dimensions and once exists the form he won't feel intense pain. It doesn't have an aura that can be sensed too. This mode combines both the power of dreams and infinity with the red dragon emperors power and the essence of God and Jesus (the second incarnations) (however he isn't aware of his identity)

Diabolos Dragon Lucifer (Divine Dividing version)- The Vanishing dragon's version of DXD so it's a white version of the original DXD as it combines both the vanishing dragons power and the essence of Lucifer and Mafilli (the second incarnations) (again unaware)

Note: Vergil and Dante can use these forms perfectly but this is journey arc so they are unaware of who they are

Infinity Blaster- This move from Diabolos Dragon God form that shoots with a canon 2 from his wings and 2 from his arms this destroys the very concept of infinity and breaking the limit

Longinus Smasher- This move inside his chest destroys all of his opponents and nullifies anyway for them to survive the blast as it stops their flow of life through sheer power

Satan Lucifer Smasher- This is basically Longinus Smasher but with a silver aura oppose to the red aura of Longinus smasher

Satan Lucifer Longinus Smasher- This combines Longinus smasher and Satan Lucifer Smasher to break the target in past present and future even if they are accasual it will bypass it killing at least 1,000,000 dimensional beings in base

Infinite Satan Lucifer Longinus Blasting Smasher- This combines Longinus Smasher, Satan Lucifer smasher and infinity blaster and is easily more power than it's other canons combined so it can at least destroy infinite dimensions without any effort

Half Dimension: This halves the dimensions around him like turning a 10D character to a 5D character and adds it to his own powers

Half Compression: This halves his opponents into nothingness and is very spammable

Sword of Infinity- It's Dante's personal sacred gear and it nullifies attacks through sheer slashes and cut through 8-D space but it's trump card is infinite drive mode which makes him a tier High 1-A for 1 minute after that he will be burned out though the sword is its regular form its true form is an abstract thing in journey arc became far more powerful afterwards

Balance breaker: Abstract destroyer of life- His sacred gears balance breaker that destroys a person on a quantum and sub atomic level even destroy anyone with a non-coperal body. It amps his infinite drive mode to 5 minutes making it more durable

Transformations- Can turn into any animals and combine them (its the same fuction as the ones above)

Dragon Fist- It pierces through anyone and anything plus can easily bypass durability

Blow of Ascension: This move charges into a devastating punch that when connects ascends his opponents upward. Only his fists will reach his opponents no matter the dimensions as it ascends upward

Blow of descension: This can connect right afte BoA which it sends in targets downward not only in move but also strength meaning they can be shrunk into low degrees of infinity

Da Capo Zero- Destroyes everything and turns it back to nothing even reality and fiction to the point it won't exist except himself also is immune to anyone who uses it against him (like taking him back to the state before he gained his training will be useless)

Asgard Wolf- A very devastating attack and guarantees victory as it destroy an infinite amount of omniverses with fiction and reality infinitely at once plus can launch it launch it instantaneously (though technically all his attacks can do that)

Overload Asgrad Wolf- A infinitely more powerful version of Asgard wolf and can launch the attack instantaneously

Gungnir- It's similar to Asgard wolf just it governs: law, space, rules and power

Das Rhiengold- It creates form (also the first rule of gungnir) and makes Dante unable to be destroyed (it is just an extra defense to his immortality).

Die Walkuere- It creates all of space and the second rule of gungnir.

Siegfried- The third rule makes whatever rule Dante creates bound to everyone and cannot be broken from it laws.

Goetterdaemerung- The final rule makes the attack into a dense sphere of absolute power by just punching the air can destroy reality and fiction infinitely all at once with no effort

Overlimit Gungnir- A infinitely more powerful version of Gungnir and use all of the laws

Overlimit Tyrfing: This sword slash is a one hit kill move that destroys the person indefinitely

Bolverkr- It's technically a spirit bomb..

Endless Banish- Turns everything to nothing like Da Capo Zero and can be used by being in one spot effecting everyone

Arcadiajinx- Can create absolute rules that everyone must obey and rules like everyone has to die in less than an atom second then it must happen

Forbes Blutgang- An attack that burns anything to the ground it can be launch instantly and will not use any lives as that weakness was taken away when copied by Dante

Levels- Increases stats infinitely (restrained is level infinity, level infinity minus 1, etc cause it decreases it is more powerful reaching level 0 means well if decreasing one level amps stats infinitely then imagine that) also can resurrect the dead to fight with him and they cannot be killed unless Dante says they can (though it is not restricted to this move only)

Gungnir Divine Zero- Combines Da Capo Zero and Overlimit Gungnir creating a destructive energy that easily wipes out reality and fiction infinitely

Muso Tensei- By passes everything formerly can not only effect the nerves but destroy almost all the organs in a single strike also gaining intangibility (it cause dimensional on a infinite amount of omniversal scale easily in post-journey)

Devil Fruits- They give Dante an extreme amount of boost in powers and capabilities plus thanks to his thinking he can use mix ups for the best possible results and he has all the devil fruits also still can swim in water

Gomu Gomu No Mi- His body is rubber and can take tons of actual damage with no problems what so ever but it also gives him much better range as he can stretch his fist through the galaxy when he first learned it

Yami Yami No Mi- He can control gravity but he can make the gravity across the multiverse so hard barely anyone could stand up the first time he used it

Gura Gura No Mi- Cause earthquakes every where making everyone immobilized just trying to move causing multiversal tsunamis and earthquakes

Disaster fruit of the devil- it cause mayhem physically and mentally on everyone around him but can be targeted to one person and it bypasses durability. This isn't exact an illusion but this distorts their brain completely and soul

Haki- Normally people have 2 types and 3 for special types but Dante has 5 different kinds of Hakis Haōshoku Haki (Color of the Conquering King): Can knock anyone down weak willed or not and can be used in large group he used it and accidentally knocked everything in the multiverse when he first activated pre-maturely

Busōshoku Haki (Color of Armaments): Gives Dante very high defenses and gives him more offensive power and increases more when using other things like devil fruits and sacred gears, etc

Kenbunshoku Haki (Color of Observation or Mantra): basically predicting his opponents movements and this can't be countered

Color of life and death: This is sort of an instant kill Haki and it manipulate ones soul to be obliderated into nothingness and erase from all timelines

Color of infinity: This gives Dante an insane power boost and can damage boundless beings when he pre-maturely activated it but its standard is 7th dimension till 16th dimension damage and more immunity to manipulations

Code Unknown: Is a gift that can destroy other gifts/ abilities meaning anyone strength like say a reality warper tries to reality warp the hyper verse and Dante can destroy his reality warping abilities with his fist making it inaccessible to that person and code unknown can't be countered so Dante's abilities can't be destroyed.

Code Death: The gift that destroy life and negates durability it can't be countered

Code Life- Restores life and if he puts life with in an already living person the person get crippled it also can't be countered

Code infinity: Gives Dante unimaginable power that rival gods and it also can kill boundless beings but its standard is 8th dimension till 16th dimension attacks

The destruction of heaven and hells stars- It raises the stars of hell and sends the stars of heaven down to create a chain reaction when they clash using all of them will destroy infinite dimensions

Aurora pillars: Reduces anything to non existing atoms vaporizing enemies completely along with their existence

Zangetsu- A huge zanpakuto he slashes 7 till 8D beings and can atomize enemies

Bankai: Tensa Zangetsu- A much more powerful version of Zangetsu he can atomize 10-D beings and cut through the flow of time

Getsuga Tensho- A slash that cuts through the atoms in all 3 planes of existence can kill 9-D beings in one slash

Hollow Mode- Fusing with the sword can become a superior class hollow which in his verse can distort time and space in 9-D degree by its mere presence

Cero- Fires a rainbow colored ball of energy that breaks 11-D and can reset the complex multiverse if not careful when he did it the first time

Fullbringer Mode- Gives him extra defense and is equal to his hollow mode but is 10-D

Dangai Mode- After accepting his hollow and quincy powers he can go into this form and it transcends his hollow for by 5-D more making it 14-D in scaling

Mugetsu- His strongest move in Dangai mode this destroys anything in 16-17D and he will not lose his powers

True Shikai Mode- This surpasses dangai mode and gives Dante 1 extra blade

Getsuga Jijusho- uses crossing getsuga tensho can destroy 17D beings when firstly used

Real Zanpakuto: 無限の怒りMugen no ikari (Rage of infinity)- A twin bladed sword that can be combined into one it can destroy infinite dimensions can cancel other powers and actions

Crimson Rage- Whoever he targets will be unable to dodge a slash that not only cuts the opponents life of but also their existance and identity

Real Bankai: 無限の神の殺害者の真の怒りMugen no kami no satsugai-sha no shin no ikari (true rage of the infinite god slayer)- It fuses both swords into one and it's best feature is killing gods but still effective with everyone. Can cancel existance kill acasual users with ease.

Gran Rey Cero: A cero wil quincy powers infused in it breaks apart all powers and beings of opponents

Melded Hollow Form: A form that mixes his quincy and hollow powers

Gravity Chaos: Turns the gravity of his surroundings and opponents so heavy that it condenses all things in the multiverse into a black hole like disce libens only its with everything in the multiverse even time and all of creation at first until he improved

Persona- Posses humanoid type that fight alongside the user with a specific arcana to match and later obtained all of the personas and arcana (but his first arcanas were 0 the fool, 4 the emperor, 7 the chariot, 12 the hanged man, 13 death, 17 star and 21 the world/the universe/ (in his case) the infinity and eternity) he has all the spells and each persona has everyone skills and fusion spells can be done individually like satan can do Armageddon without lucifer or hell or Messiah gets myriad truths making all their move sets infinity plus all the power is amped infinitely easily but also the moves like Gaea Rage that specializes in earth now has all the alignment meaning it cannot be countered (though the way its executed are all different) also like cannot be destroyed only by him though and he won't be effected if they are damage but like him have issues of being damaged as they are immune to any alignment

The Wild Card- It is an ability that helps the user posses all arcana's making it sort of a Jack of All Trades kind but doesn't really need it now though it amps his stats infinitely again

Salvation- Heals anyone from everything

Armageddon and Armageddon R- Destroyes everything infinitely and if anyone uses this R counters it even further

Gaea Rage- Destroys every plane of existence infinitely easily

Myraid Truth- Same as Gaea Rage

Megialodon- Same as Myraid Truth

Great Seal- Seals everything away and only he can break the seal in his own will

Death Flies- Same as Megialodon

Infinite Destruction- Same as Death Flies

Terror of Fortune- Same as Infinite Desruction

Lovers of Darkness- Same as Terror of Fortune

Bloody Divorce- Same as Lovers of Darkness

Guard Punish- Destroys any kind of defense then easily destroys everything infinitely

Yin-Yang balance destroyer- Same as Armageddon, Gaea Rage, etc

Force Impact- Slices fiction and reality infinitely easily with one slash

Infinity Giga Drill Storm Breaker- Drills through Fiction and Reality

Sacrificial- Formerly needed Yamato and Rebellion to execute he stabs himself to near death but this is an instant kill to everything by destroying it infinitely but now can do it on a whim without the weapons.

Imagination- Creates and Destroys everything by thinking about it infinitely and thanks to Dante's mind being crazy well you get what I mean but he cannot kill himself no matter the situation even still cannot remove the immortality that he himself created

Eternal Atoms- Can't stay dead as long as the person doesn't destroy the physical, astral, spiritual planes at the same time (doesn't needed it at the end of the game)

Immunity removal- Can take away any immunity from anyone and it cannot be countered

Immortality removal- Anyone with any kind of immortality can be taken away by this move easily by existing and anyone cannot take his immortality away even he himself cannot remove his own immortality

Ability removal- This destroys and takes the abilities of anyone also everyone at the same time by existing and if desired permenantely but normally gives it back but he added the power infinitely to his own already broken abilities (example all fiction, stands, healing etc aka every single ability crippling anyone and everyone at once)

Dimension immunity- He is immune to the negative effects of other dimensions as shown when Angelo put him in his own dimension and tried to take away his beyond loses and inconclusive (though he did stalemate Claire, Skodwarde the Almighty and Haruto) plus making Dante able to die but it didn't work so Dante escaped it then Angelo tried it again but this time was overtaken by Dante's dimension

Blazing Inferno- Flames that can burn islands and the very souls and existance of Dante's opponents. He could use this move at the age of 5. Has improved beyond until it burns 1 googleplexian dimensions until beyond all dimensions

Knight Forms- Like the transformations above and can turn into any species but prefers the knight pictures above

Stands- Likes the one in the picture they are his favorites but actually has all the stands and if the stand is damage he won't get effected at all plus they are indestructible only Dante can destroy them if he wanted too but like him have issues of being damaged he has all the stands in their original versions, act versions, requiem versions, Over heaven versions and can combine all the versions plus turned all their stats to IMPOSSIBLE

Stands Ranking in his verse:

F- Can destroy a country with Relavistic speeds and country level endurance

E- Can destroy a solar system with 100,000,000x FTL speeds and a solar system level endurance

D- Can destroy Multi-galaxies with googleplexian numbers X FTL speeds and Multi-galactic endurance

C- Can destroy Multiverses with infinite Speeds and Multiverses endurance

B- Can destroy hyper verses with Immeasurable speeds and hyperversal endurance

A- Can destroy omniverses with omnipresent speed with omniverses endurance basically an omnipotent

S- Can destroy 50% of fiction and reality with much faster than omnipresence speed with the same kind of endurance

Z- Can destroy all of fiction and reality where omnipresent is child's play to the stand with the same endurance

Infinity- Is practically have infinite power and speed in terms its infinitely more powerful than a Z stand

NONE- Immeasurablely more powerful than an Infinity stand

IMPOSSIBLE- The category shows the stand can destroy reality and fiction easily with speed being non-existant and the scale difference between IMPOSSIBLE and NONE is so impossible to define those with this category can swat a NONE stand like it was not even an existing atom

Gold Experience- It gives and controls life also can stun opponents indefinitely

Gold Experience Requiem- Makes the cause stay and the effect gone or vice versa (can send anyone in a never ending death loop and they are brutal…) and they turn every action into zero like Da Capo Zero and Dante cannot be turned to zero cause he "nothing and everything" making him immune but no one can break free from this also no one can even have resistance to this let alone immunity (though all his attacks are like that as well) also it can nullify infinity or anything beyond that

Star Platinum- Is very strong to the point where one punch distorts reality easily

Star Platinum: The World- Stops time indefinitely

Star Platinum Requiem- This upgraded version of SP can now twist time like make 6'o clockand the next hour can be a non-existent hour. The time will eventually be corrupted by this stand and will fuse the stand with time itself making it immune to change time based attacks and have a time armour negating damage

Star Platinum: The World Requiem- The even more upgraded version of SP this stand can throw time to opponents like throwing one time ball at blinding speed is enough to erase timelines and bypassing the durability of people who have high-godly regen with immortality type 3 with ease at full power can erase type 4 immortality and rewind their strengths

The World- Same as Star Platinum

Made In Heaven- Accelerate time and creates reality and fiction casually till the end of everything (doesn't effect himself)

Made In Heaven Requiem- Increases all his powers beyod infinity every passing second

The World Overheaven- Over writes reality as he pleases with no restrictions

Foolish Emperor's Chariot- His first and most powerful stand it has the best overall balance having every stat Z and has the special ability to mimic attacks from other stand users but later doesn't really need to copy anything as he can by existing but can use this as extra help. It amps itself indefinitely and can keep evolving. Note: it starts with stats to b-c due to being complex multiversal but has the potential to easily be a Z and it was hinted it has reached IMPOSSIBLE at post-journey due to its nature pre-journey is until A note: it normally looks like a knight with a sword but its true form is abstract.

▪ Foolish Emperor's Chariot: Hanging Death's Starry World- An evolved version of FEC it can copy moves before the person he wants to copy can even excecute making. It also can nullfy anything he deems unworthy of existance though this is limited to infinite dimension and cannot go beyond that when he used it the first time but has since improved

▪ Foolish Emperor's Chariot: Hanging Death's Starry Universe- Basically can restore anything to its original state like crazy diamond just he can restore different kinds of particles to all opponents like poisioned atoms to one person and it will cripple them. The stand rearrange the laws after breaking the concepts altogether like infinite can be equal to 1000 if he desired.

▪ Foolish Emperor's Chariot: Hanging Death's Starry Infinity and Eternity- TBA

▪ Foolish Emperor's Chariot Act 0- It utilizes spin and it spins his opponent to 0 making them never existing in the first place can effect any dimension

▪ Foolish Emperor's Chariot Act 1- Its like echo act 2 but if the words are erased so will the objects and people around them from existence say if he uses the words around the multiverse and erases them everything will be erased and this effect is instantaneous so it can't be escaped also he can add words and erase at the same time to trap his opponents

▪ Foolish Emperor's Chariot Act 2- Time skips infinitely like his King Crimson but the difference is that he can time skip backwards and alter all kinds of fates around him so he can erase things easily like concepts in the past even creation so it can be called time skip and time restore

▪ Foolish Emperor's Chariot Act 3- It's simple function is to phase through any kind of defense and even concepts with ease but its hidden abilities is to reconstruct the soul from a sub atomic non existant level and changing a person all together so he can either destroy the soul or fix the soul back to normal

▪ Foolish Emperor's Chariot Act 4- It helps its user to use telekenesis, telephathy and teleportation as with telekenesis he can crush anything even the dimensions and non-coperal beings, telephathy breaks a person spirit and will on all planes of existance even with mental immunity and when they are beyond infinite dimensions, lastly teleportation when using it on an object Dante can teleport an object or person 1 cm from it original spot but the result is the object or person will be erased and decomposed he can also teleport anything of practically any size and distance

▪ Foolish Emperor's Chariot Act 5- It uses casuality to an extend where being acasual isn't enough to survive his attacks. The form of casuality is enough to overwrite everyones existance beyond infinite dimensions also able to create things where nothing exist in the first place and bypassing most kinds of immortality even the one with godhood even if the god in question is higher except perfect one for unless the one with the perfect one is weaker than him during the journey arc has since improved

▪ Foolish Emperor's Chariot Act 6- Act 6 is more of a gag stand in a way due to its nature of using toon force but the toon force helps Dante withstand practically anything also the toon force is basically as Dante describe it as "a gigantic asspull for the plot he can use" as using it alone can negate durability, life, concepts, existance, etc though it has limits due to not being able to fully fight the primordial gods in their true form in the journey arc though it has since improved

▪ Foolish Emperor's Chariot Act 7- Changes the probability of any action he desires into non-existance or to full success. He can make all his abilities affect the gods in their true form with his god cloth and shatter their very existance as with act 7's full strength it is able to create "another concept with a different possibility" or "make the same concept have a different function" like turning the concept of death have the function to give life instead of death

▪ Foolish Emperor's Chariot Act Infinity- In the fight against the beast Dante evolved his FEC to act infinity combines basically all aspects of powers that existed and can make attack combinations using all the types of powers. This act is stronger than all the other acts combined and can outclass the beasts pefect immortality due to it negating powers used against him. It also helped Dante counter the beasts evolution.

Foolish Emperor's Chariot Requiem- An evolved version of Foolish Emperor Chariot it makes the power so destructive but he can also manipulate time, space, dimensions, souls etc without any trouble.

Foolish Emperor's Chariot Requiem: Hanging Death's Starry World- His stand's next form it has a unique ability as after he fought a foe named Angelo who is beyond the concept of losing and inconclusive and is Dante's equal in every way but this stand turned the tables by collapsing reality and fiction and replaced it with Dante's dimension and that takes away Angelo's beyond concept of losing, dying and stalemates also took away his immortality and Angelo's immunity towards other dimension though Angelo first tried to float into nonexistence but the dimension bounded Angelo then Angelo took Dante to his dimension to try to get the upper hand he realized the dimension cannot be overtaken until Dante says so plus he lost all his powers and Dante defeated him. This stand is independent and cannot be seen by precognition like the almighty so no one can know what its abilities or what Dante will do next at all. This stand cannot be countered or copied also it other powers are still ambiguous according to Dante saying this is the stands first ability and the other abilities are crazier than this one though notes this ability alone can destroy author level characters who made the story stripping them of that power so yeah all their haxes and concepts with abilities even if they are similar to Angelo will be gone because of the dimension.

Foolish Emperor's Chariot Requiem: Hanging Death's Starry Universe- To be Added

Foolish Emperor's Chariot Requiem: Hanging Death's Starry Infinity and Eternity- To be Added

The dimensions abilities in story dialogue (some spoilers for the ending): "Well no matter my god killing touch that made your brother un-returnable might do the trick". (he touches Dante). "What??" Fine I guess I will have to take your powers like I did with your brother DIEE". (Nothing happened). (Dante just attacks him). Hmph I will just dodge it cause he can't hit me (then all the moves hit in rapid succession) What?? What the Hell is going on?? (he realizes something is wrong). Wait I feel pain and got hit but how? We couldn't hit each other properly at all and you couldn't penetrate my defenses nor I can nullify your attacks and power anymore why? "Because this is my dimension you cannot leave even if the concept says you can because it was removed the moment my stand activated even if you are exactly like me in power cannot lose or be killed by anyone and all that crap all that power that we copied all of fiction and reality all OC kinds of attack defense hax anything and I mean anything gets taken by this dimension and given to me so you are powerful but with nothing." "WHAT" (Angelo freaks out) then Dante just stands and Angelo became crippled. UGH (Angelo is dying). "I just destroyed your powers and now I can actually write my own story about fiction and reality erasing anyone similar to you in power on a whim even if they were immune I can play absolute god right now how this will go is my choice but as punishment you will die over and over forever even with abilities you copied and stole and became immune to dying and losing." "NOO DON'T DO IT". (Angelo begged but Dante was unfazed) "THIS IS YOUR PUNISHMENT" (he snaps his fingers and the world is flashed in white and Vergil was resurrected) (Vergil wake up) How did you return me from the dead he managed to kill me until I cannot be resurrected. (Dante just laughs) "Oh bro you never understand my powers that why you lose to me easily".

Dimension- While not an attack this a place based on his stand Dante's dimension is bigger than reality and fiction and only he can destroy it plus the only way to escape is death as he takes away the powers and immunity of anyone who he sees as his enemies and he can resurrect those who died in the dimension (can do that regularly actually but you get it). Note: The dimension by default is multiversal+ due to Dante's limit being multiversal+ but as he grows so does the dimension like if he can destroy a hyper verse the dimension expands into a hyper verse but he can trap anyone in there and it can't be destroyed only Dante can destroy it if he wants to (very unlikely though) though if he can destroy lets say a hyper verse but he was weakened to a multiversal the dimension will firmly stay at the size of a hyper verse no matter what

Foolish Emperor's Chariot Over Heaven- To Be Added

Foolish Emperor's Chariot Over Heaven: Hanging Death's Starry World- To be Added

Foolish Emperor's Chariot Over Heaven: Hanging Death's Starry Universe- To be Added

Foolish Emperor's Chariot Over Heaven: Hanging Death's Starry Infinity and Eternity- To be Added

Foolish Emperor's Chariot Over Heaven Requiem- To Be Added

Foolish Emperor's Chariot Over Heaven Requiem: Hanging Death's Starry World- To be Added

Foolish Emperor's Chariot Over Heaven Requiem: Hanging Death's Starry Universe- To be Added

Foolish Emperor's Chariot Over Heaven Requiem: Hanging Death's Starry Infinity and Eternity- To be Added

Ironic Ending: Dante cracks his knuckles, before throwing a spinning hook. If it connects, he continues to deliver a punch, a blow to the stomach, a blow to the jaw, a spinning fifth punch and finishes by delivering a powerful uppercut that sends the opponent sky high, he then proceeds to flex his shoulder after saying "You're boring the crap outta me!".

Infinite wall destroyer- An ability that destroys a lot more than just the fourth wall like the name implies so yeahhhhh

Monado Arts: God killing techniques and can recreate reality and fiction as another way to repair his infinite destruction attacks and are immune to these arts Hamon- Formerly only for stoping evil things and isn't for destruction can now be very destructive and kill anyone at the same time instantaneously (like all his other attacks) and his breathing can be irregular or he doesn't need to breathe to produce Hamon anymore

Imagine Breaker- Can negate any kind of attack ranging from ki blasts to conceptual attacks easily making opponents can only fight physically imagine breaker is at his right hand though his body is radiated with its power so the effects will remain but not as much also he can put his imagine breaker in other parts of his body during pre-journey and only effects if he is in danger and wills to activate it

World Rejector- Takes anyone to their ideal world he took a multiverse to it casually and they didn't want to leave until he disturbs the illusion its range is how much force he swings like if he can swing with the force of a universe world rejector can BFR the universe he also in cooperates them with his fist and blasts meaning if opponents get hit they get BFR and like imagine breaker is radiated around his body but also can change to other parts of his body during pre-journey and only effects if he is in danger and wills to activate it use it like imagine breaker

Dimensional Explosion- Destroys all dimensional barriers bypassing all the way through infinite dimensions in one simple hit

Another Dimension- A BFR but opponent will be binded from escaping making it nigh-impossible to escape even with extermely high levels of cross-dimensional travel.

Absolute Chaos- Literally like all his offensive attacks that corrupts space-time and everything around it destroying it in an instant

Laws- These can work for your inner desires or desires for the others (they are gudou and hadou respectifully) he and vergil learned on how to copy all the laws after finding an ancient manuscript recording all the laws hadou and gudou. Also due to split personality he can naturally control more than one law.

Manji Mandara - Muryou Taisuu- A Hadou law that means "I want to be alone" this wipes out anyone from existance without effort in and instant the law can be activated

Viver Memor Mortis- Acta Est Fabula- A law that helps Dante reset and change event at the moment of his death

Res Novae - Also Sprach Zarathustra- A law that means "I want this moment to last for eternity" and stops all time everywhere even when time doesn't exist

Du Sollst- Dies Irae- This law puts his legion on his level aka the people he has killed and they can ignore basically any resistance

Midgardr Volsunga Saga- A law that using his fist can erase any thing from existance even concepts he can explode to extend his range (but it won't kill him) as by exploding he can put himself beyond dimensions to people getting hit by any part of Dante will get erased from exitance completely

Löschen des Lebens (literal: erasure of life)- A law that means "I want to cease to exist" its a counter to Midgardr Volsunga Saga as it erasures Dante's existance and history making him able to survive the move though the chances of Dante dying is like 50%. This is available to Dante after his split personality Minos fuse into him with the chances reduced to nearly 0%.

My misery knows no end. I feel like suffocating. I can't take it all I want is to be unnoticed by the world around me. I want to exist without anyone knowing about me be at true peace. Please just let me have my own peace without people around me. Atlizuth - Löschen des Lebens - As Minos activates his law

Leistung reduzieren auf Null (literal:reduce power to zero): Basically this can nullify anykind of power to non-existant atoms bringing them to be easily one-shotted the taikyoku that is needed to be a match through this move is at least an inifnite amount that is constantly rising so good luck with that :p

Power something we all have though we all misuse it. It causes chaos and life to a never ending cycle of hate. Why? Why children of man why must you abuse this gift. If the gift shall be abused then I shall take it away. Now I can give salvation to those without one and you can all be at the same level once again. Atlizuth-Leistung reduzieren auf Null- As Konton activates his law

Schlussgesetz - Schöpfung und Zerstörung (literal: Final Law - Creation and Destruction)- The ultimate law it means "I will protect everyone, surpass you and become omnipotent" it is pretty basic as it is a defensive move and an offensive move at the same time as it protects anyone he desires with divinity and becomes an omnipotent being but that happened at the end of the journey arc during a fight with the knight while in the arc against the angels he can give defensive buffs but was restricted from true omnipotent power as while the law is simple to excute the function is ridiculously hard to use making it hard to control properly and has to limit its destructiveness though he will surpass pratically everyone and strip others of their power. It was fueled by Dante's desire to become more powerful to protect everyone he cares and to beat everyone he needs to after fusing with his other perosnalities. Though the chances of it being controled is 7% going crazy around 93% and it killing him 70% and no probability manipulation can change it

In this moment I am weak. I cannot fight with my current limit. For the world...for the people I care for I plea thee to hear my wish. I want to be the strongest and protect everyone. I don't care about the consequences what I have to take even with my soul as the exchange give me enough strength to surpass the one that stands before me and protect what I cherish. Atlizuth Schlussgesetz - Schöpfung und Zerstörung - As Dante activates his ultimate law

V-The visionary- Another Version of imagination formerly needed clones but now can do it on a whim and even if he imagined his death it won't happen at all as he is un-killable even in base form

A-The Almighty- Another version of his precognition he can force people to follow him because he knows everyone's power

F-The fool- Once he activates this he can turn the atoms around him into weapons even the atoms the opponents posseses even with abstracts by being at his line of sight the atoms will destroy the opponent as they became "sentient"

E-The Emperor- When this activates people around him lose the will to fight him or anyone he choices leaving them vulnurable to his attacks. This also forces them to either kill themselves or let their powers be taken as for them it was the order of the emperor

C-Tha Chariot- It makes all his attacks bypass anykind of defense durability with no chance of surviving

H-The Hanging Man- This turns misfortune on anyone but its deadly as all attacks could be redirected to Dante's opponents without missing and the effects become worst than before

D-The Death- Basically an instant kill move as it destroys his opponents in all planes of existence

S-The Star- It enchances his friends and can take them into the same existance as Dante

W-The World- Everything becomes Dante's territory so he has reign over everything

Z-The Zero- Nullifies everything like GER just it also can nullify all exitance and can do that across all timelines and dimensions. Even zero can be nullified if Dante decides to nullify something that is "zero" it turns the thing he nullfied will be thrown out the prision like dimension made by Dante where it/who will be absorbed into his legion

Eight inner gates- There are chakra pathways and once unlock give Dante massive strength boost but won't slow Dante down at all though he experience tons of pain affecting all his eternal atoms Gate of Opening- This gives much more muscle reflexes making Dante much faster and stronger

Gate of Healing- It reenergizes Dante and gives him much more power also like the gate of opening but gives Dante more stamina

Gate of Life- Increases blood flow and turns skin red with enchanted strength can physically rip 100 dimensions

Gate of Pain- It gives Dante more strength but it hurts Dante until he describes the pain as a s****y experience tearing his atoms apart (in journey arc only)

Gate of Limit- Increases speed and power plus easily beating someone who was like The Beyonder (Pre-Recton) in his own dimension

Gate of View- Like gate of limit but gives him a much much more powerful version of morning peacock breaking 3000 dimensions

Gate of Shock- Can perform a much more powerful version of Daytime Tiger and it destroys 10000 dimensions

Gate of Death- It was the final gate and would normally leave Dante in a tired state but during the great destroying beast fight and allows Dante to perform much powerful versions of Evening Elephant and Night Guy bending reality with space and time until nothing within 999,999,999 dimensions

Gate of Rage- It is the 9th gate and is far more powerful than the gate of death it allows Dante to bend concepts to his will by feeling the air plus it can also basically reality warp by running re-wrote the history of infinite dimensions

Gate of Infinite Rage- The Final Gate and more powerful than all the other gates combined which Dante can break concepts and destroy beyond infinite dimensions by being in one place he can break all powers as he stole all of Neo's powers before beating him and bypassing Neo's passive barrier abilities

Morning Peacock- A blazing fireball barrage that can effect all existance and burn the very eccense of any being like it was passively burn Neo slowly.

Daytime Tiger- A tiger that when eats its target gets it powers make them join his legion.

Evening Elephant- A barrage of kicks one is enough to turn every part of a person existance crushing them inside out with the sheer gravity

Night Guy- A kick that can destroy the person and the effects are far more deadly than evening elephant

Judas Pain- 8 jewels that activate his demonic powers to an extreme extend though this has potential harm to Dante if he overuses it

Judas Preist- Destroys people until their existance is nullified and also nullifies regenaration

Dragon Knight Lucifer 101-A mech that relies on spiritual energy this is worst than Judas Pain as its more powerful but more painful as well

Adam of Darkness- A form that can simply create anything through memory alone and is not as painful as DKL101 and his Majin (Judas Pain) Mode

Time Strike- This attack compresses time on anyone even if they are immune to time manipulation as the time that compress resets the mind and body clock making them crippled or a baby in body as with the mind. If Dante desired he could have make the target accelrate in time by infinite millenia per attomsecond or reduce them to a non-existing atom. This also effects the surrounding area around him

Anger- While technically not a move its an ability that amps Dante's stats infinitely but formerly cannot control his rage and can destroy fiction in less than a minute but now can just do it on a whimp also it cannot be taken away if anyone attempts to remove this abilities (later all his abilities have this security system) the rage will destroy the person inside out no matter the concept or how powerful they are and once thats done returns to Dante also this prevents him from dying (that is they SOMEHOW managed to make him able to die) also they can consume reality and fiction infinitely easily if Dante chooses to release it and in the instant it "eats everything" he can rewrite everything to his will and will alone and no one can do it because the rage made it specific for only Dante to make the rules

Raging Gungnir- Combines the Raging demon and gungnir and if scratched by that move it will weaken the opponent but after post-journey now can destroy reality and fiction infinitely easily in one shot

Blut- Gives an infinite boost in amount of defense and offense and can use both at the same time

Blut Vene- Gives infinite defense to his already infinity defense

Blue Vene Anhaben- Uses it as a forcefield eats anything absorbing their powers even when inside it

Blut Arterie- Its an offensive version of Blut Vene and can be used together with it combining both offensivve and defensive buffs

All Fiction- Can deny everything even existance as he one time said Reality and Fiction don't exist they just died except himself and Dante is immune to this

Non fiction- It is used to undo all fiction though he doesn't need to since he modify all fiction it to undo the damage he has done but non fiction can do what all fiction did as he modify to plus he is immune to this effect

April Fiction- Erases everything and formally has a time limit though he can make it permanent if desire and he is immune to this effect

Book Maker- Can seals everyone's power making them powerless like his ability removal and he is immune to this effect

Contradictory Conjuction- Makes the impossible possible it can make what logically should be impossible done with ease this helped in combating the demons in the circles of hell in the journey arc.

Stand Rush Beatdown- He can use all stand beatdowns but prefers MUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDA!!!!!! the most

Fiction and Reality wreckage-Dante uses this against Claire when he managed to stop time around her for 3 seconds as he carried an infinite amount of copies of fiction and reality and it hit her and he used his stand barrage so it exploded but she came out of it without scratch as he expected.

Speedforce- This is something he doesn't use often as he really doesn't need it help his speed increase to the point where he is even with Claire using speedforce with tons of haxes

Noble Phantasms- He possesses all noble Phantasms and is much more powerful than the original ones in post-journey onwards is IMPOSSIBLE but in journey will be determined

Gate of Babylon: King's Treasure- Basically can summon any kind of weapon from space-time and all the weapons are amped to A class by the end of journey plus can summon them like rapid fire immeasurable speed bulllets also knows how to use every weapon in there

Sword of Rupture, Ea- During his fight with Axl Dante copied Ea's properties and structure till its more powerful than its original counterpart as it burns through time and space with the concepts of living and dying making it a weapon that turns anyone into nothing even infinity making people go through an infinite death loop without any chance to break this weapon became feared even by omnipotents due to its nature

Enkidu: Chains of Heaven- It can bind gods and anyone with no chance of escape but only Dante can escape it plus it drains the opponents strength and feeds it to Dante

Enuma Elish: The Star of Creation that split Heaven and Earth- It is Ea's ultimate move after rotating space and time around everything Dante later grabs the sword to and uses all the matter in whatever Ea absorbed to disintegrate anything and anyone Omnipotents fear this move can cause instability among reality and fiction and tear it apart but didn't fully mastered it until at the very end of journey

Invisible Air: Barrier of the wind king- It conceals the length of the sword but can extend the length from using breath and the wind around them no matter how weak it is can extend the blade to multiversal lengths on the smallest fraction of wind

Excalibur: Sword of promised victory- This is excalibur's ultimate move and it distorts reality with all the dimensions when unleashed breaking at least 17D at the great destroying beast fight this move can bypass dimension and effect omnipotents

Avalon: All is a distant Utopia- Protects Dante from anything dangerous until omnipotents can't touch him for 5 minutes and still Dante can fight back while its on

Gate of Heaven-Gate of babylon just uprgrade the weapons into holy weapons

Gate of Hell- Gate of babylon just upgrade the weapons into demonic weapons

Gate of Infinity- Gate of babylon just made infinite replicas with holy and demonic properties

God's final treasure: Life and death eternal cycle- An abstract noble phantasm its simillar to FEC as it has no true form but it takes the form of a sword. It's presence makes existance nullified for his enemies and can energize his friends, its motion alone can negate immortality and ressurect his friends, its strength is very vague though it has a B+++ when it first appeared and got an A rank at the end of journey arc. Above that is already IMPOSSBILE with all his noble phantams.

"When the eternal stars come together they create life but also chaos among the lifes they create. The genesis has spoken and the judgment is ripe. Now I will give them the divine punishment that will burn into you forever for all eternity. Final Haven: Light and Darkness Judgmetic Inferno"

Final Haven: Light and Darkness Judgemetic Inferno- This is Life and death eternal cycle's final move. This cast divine judgement to one-shot his opponents. First Dante plants the weapon down then it spins around breaking reality apart with all the dimensions. At the end of the destruction everything is condensed into the sword and lifts it. After that light and darkness fuse with the Noble Phantasm as the swing was enough to completely destroy a primidioal god without effort and turned the god into reincarnations but with a mark for death and will experience painful deaths for all eternity (well at least until ragnarok arc…).

Noble Phantasm's Rankings (under revision ik it has all the same stats its copied pasted for now...):

F---: Can destroy a small country with sub-Relavistic speeds and small country level endurance

F--: Can destroy aa large country with sub-relavistic+ speeds and large country level endurance

F-: Can destroy a small continent with relavistic speed and small continent level endurance

F: Can destroy a continent with relavistic+ speed and continent level endurance

F+: Can destroy a large continent with lightspeed and large continent level endurance

F++: Can destroy a moon with 10x FTL and moon level endurance

F+++: Can destroy a planet with 50x FTL speeds and planet level endurance

E---: Can destroy a large planet with 100x FTL speeds and large planet endurance

E--: Can destroy a dwarf star with 100,000x FTL speeds and dwarf star endurance

E-: Can destroy a large star with 100 millionx FTL speeds and large star endurance

E: Can destroy a solar system with 100 trillionx FTL speeds and solar system endurance

E+: Can destroy multiple solar system with 100 quadrillionx FTL speeds and multiple solar system endurance

E++: Can destroy a galaxy with 600 sextillionx FTL speeds and galactic endurance

E+++: Can destroy multiple galaxy with 750 googolx FTL speeds and multiple galactic endurance

D---: Can destroy a universe with 999 googleplexianx FTL speeds and universal endurance

D--: Can destroy an infinite 3D plane with infinite speeds and the same kind of endurance

D-: Can destroy a universe with its space-time continium with low 4D speeds and the same kind of endurance

D: Can destroy multiple universes with its space-time continium with mid-low 4D speeds and the same kind of endurance

D+: Can destroy 100 universes with its space-time continium with high-low 4D speeds and the same kind of endurance

D++: Can destroy 1000 universes with its space-time continium with low-mid 4D speeds and the same kind of endurance

D+++: Can destroy 10^500 universes with its space-time continium with mid 4D speeds and the same kind of endurance

C---: Can destroy a multiverse with high-mid 4D speeds and the same kind of endurance

C--: Can destroy 1000 multiverses with its space-time continium with high 4D speeds and the same kind of endurance

C-: Can destroy 895,000 multiverses with its space-time continium with really high 4D speeds and the same kind of endurance

C: Can destroy 7 dimensions with its space-time continium with 7 dimension speeds and the same kind of endurance

C+: Can destroy 13 million dimensions with its space-time continium with 13 million dimension speeds and the same kind of endurance

C++: Can destroy 4 trillion dimensions with its space-time continium with 4 trillion dimension speeds and the same kind of endurance

C+++: Can destroy 22 quintillions dimensions with its space-time continium with 22 quintillion dimension speeds and the same kind of endurance

B---: Can destroy 17 sextillion dimensions with its space-time continium with 17 sextillion dimension speeds and the same kind of endurance

B--: Can destroy 12 octillion dimensions with its space-time continium with 12 octillion dimension speeds and the same kind of endurance

B-: Can destroy 21 decillion dimensions with its space-time continium with 21 decillion dimension speeds and the same kind of endurance

B: Can destroy 300 undecillion dimensions with its space-time continium with 300 undecillion dimension speeds and the same kind of endurance

B+: Can destroy 675 tredecillion dimensions with its space-time continium with 675 tredecillion dimension speeds and the same kind of endurance

B++: Can destroy 750 quattuordecillion dimension with 750 quattuordecillion dimension speeds and the same kind of endurance

B+++: Can destroy 680 quindecillion dimensions with its space-time continium with 680 quindecillion speeds and the same kind of endurance

A---: Can destroy 500 googol dimensions with its space-time continium with 500 googol dimension speeds and the same kind of endurance

A--: Can destroy 999 googolplexian dimensions with its space-time continium with 999 googolplexian dimension speeds and the same kind of endurance

A-: Can destroy beyond all dimensions with its space-time continium with irrelavant speeds and the same kind of endurance

A: Can destroy an omniverse with omnipresent speeds and the same kind of endurance

A+: Can destroy 10% of fiction and reality with making omnipresents like 7 dimension speeds and the same kind of endurance

A++: Can destroy 15% of fiction and reality with making omnipresents like infinite speeds and the same kind of endurance

A+++: Can destroy 20% of fiction and reality with making omnipresents like 100 quintillions xFTL speeds and the same kind of endurance

S---: Can destroy 25% of fiction and reality with making omnipresents like 300 trillions xFTL speeds and the same kind of endurance

S--: Can destroy 30% of fiction and reality with making omnipresents like 290 million xFTL speeds and the same kind of endurance

S-: Can destroy 35% of fiction and reality with making omnipresents like 10,000 xFTL speeds and the same kind of endurance

S: Can destroy 40% of fiction and reality with making omnipresents like 1,000 xFTL speeds and the same kind of endurance

S+: Can destroy 45% of fiction and reality with making omnipresents like 100 xFTL speeds and the same kind of endurance

S++: Can destroy 50% of fiction and reality with making omnipresents like the speed of light speeds and the same kind of endurance

S+++: Can destroy 50% of fiction and reality with making omnipresents like relativistic speeds and the same kind of endurance

Z---: Can destroy 65% of fiction and reality with making omnipresents like massively hypersonic speeds and the same kind of endurance

Z--: Can destroy 70% of fiction and reality with making omnipresents like hypersonic speeds and the same kind of endurance

Z-: Can destroy 75% of fiction and reality with making omnipresents like subsonic speeds and the same kind of endurance

Z: Can destroy 80% of fiction and reality with making omnipresents like athlete speeds and the same kind of endurance

Z+: Can destroy 85% of fiction and reality with making omnipresents like sub human speeds and the same kind of endurance

Z++: Can destroy 90% of fiction and reality with making omnipresents like 0 dimension speeds and the same endurance

Z+++: Can destroy all of fiction and reality where omnipresent is not even 0 dimensions with the same endurance

Infinity- Is practically have infinite power and speed in terms its infinitely more powerful than a Z noble phantasms

NONE- Immeasurablely more powerful than an Infinity noble phantasms

IMPOSSIBLE- The category shows noble phantasms can destroy reality and fiction easily with speed being non-existant and the scale difference between IMPOSSIBLE and NONE is so impossible to define those with this category can swat a NONE all noble phamtasms like it was not even an existing atom Emperor Mode- Like all the transformations but he can control legions of people (all angels and demons and everyone were under his influence and cannot fight back)

Eagle Mode- His fourth most powerful and fourth favorite animal transformation

Wolf Mode- His third most powerful and third favorite animal transformation

Lion Mode- His second most powerful and second favorite animal transformation

Dragon Mode- His most powerful and favorite animal transformation (the pictures are his forms example)

The Seven Sins- Base on the seven deadly sins: Lust, Gluttony, Sloth, Greed, Envy, Pride and Wrath

Lust- It makes opponents feel very lustful and it makes all the stats go becoming none existence and immobilize them. It gives Dante more power due to feeding of it

Gluttony- It makes anyone explode instantly out from the inside out bypassing durability also he can eat anyone to strengthen himself and obtain their powers.

Sloth- It makes everyone go lazy and unable to fight in the slightest with all there stats being none existence

Greed- It makes people becomes reckless and see things about whatever they want filling them with greed and their stats become none existence

Envy- Its like greed just that it fills them with envy because it draws out envy out of his opponents and when he exploits that he destroys their life faster than even instantaneous

Pride- It buffs Dante depending on the cycle of the second can be beyond infinitely more in less than an atom second then it can be far more beyond infinitely powerful in the next atom second

Wrath- It's like anger just he feds out of any anger and it buffs his strength and this own beyond infinitely easily

Note: all the sins not only give people the sin but feed of it making it much stronger

The Goat's ultimate sin: Lust- Makes his opponents lust very high but not harmful to Dante and absorbs their powers until they become a 0D being with a 3D body

The Boar's ultimate sin: Gluttony- Can eat dimensions like nothing and increase his own strength and when exploding the person inside out he can reconstruct them into something else like a stone. The notable prowess of this move however is that he can drain people's abilities like food unlike before but when he drains all of their strength they become part of his legion and gain the ability that killed them though Dante won't be affected by it

The Grizzly's ultimate sin: Sloth- Like its previous counter part it can drain their will but once done it marks his opponents for death which will take form in their greatest fears making it psychologically damaging

The Fox's ultimate sin: Greed- He is able to steal anything his opponents have moves, powers, etc simply by desire and makes his opponents unable to access their moves anymore along with imposing the original moves effects

The Serpent's ultimate sin: Envy- With the mark of the serpent bitten on its victims the presence of envy consumes it's opponents to the point they cannot exist as envy has consumed them

The Lion's ultimate sin: Pride- To be added

The Dragon's ultimate sin: Wrath- To be added

God summoners- Dante manages to summon all gods and goddess from every mythology and gives them infinitely more powerful stats all at once to fight along side him

Bronze Cloth: Draonsus wolgelixer- A combination cloth based on the dragon, lion, pegasus, Eagle, Phoenix, Tiger and Wolf they amp his stats infinitely its special abilities is to make enemies choose to surrender the fight and let him win but at the cost of their powers being stripped or they die instantaneously and can't be ignored no matter what also absorbs their powers (note: they combined all the constellations and animals but the names are limit to those only as naming all the constellations at once is so long and hard and can burn all cosmos infinitely though one only can do that so imagine burning them all) even with the omega system Dante isn't affected by it and also it was revealed he can use 7th, 8th and 9th sense, dunamis, eskatos dunamis, and great will all in his base form without using his bronze cloth even being noted as unusual

Silver Cloth: Draonsus wolgelixer- An evolved version of the bronze cloth and devastates people's existence to the point where omnipotents can't escape its effect as it can overwrite thing like TWOH but it tampers with people's memories, soul, mind, etc

Gold Cloth: Draonsus wolgelixer- Another evolved version of the cloth and allows Dante to unlock infinite sense which can make the great will like childs play as it makes everyone unable to fight no matter what burning his cosmos means burning the fabric of reality with ease and overwriting anything within a hyper verse. Abilities are basically as he controls his infinite sense he can easily take what powers he desire the primodial gods fear this kind of power could destroy all fabrics of reality if the sense goes out of control.

Platinum Cloth: Draonsus wolgelixer- After his gold cloth got destroyed by Neo it self evolved into a platinum cloth and the cloth grants him pure divinity that as he says "can give the primidioal gods a sheer heart attack through existing" this can tag omnipresent beings and keep pace with them without trouble and almost tore the fabric of the pocket dimension his dad sealed the demons which was noted by others to be unable to be penetrated unless you are at sparda's level via burning his cosmos to the limit and bypasses through all kinds of regeneration

God Cloth: Draonsus wolgelixer- This works hand in hand with FEC Act 7 because the primdioal gods try to change the plot but Dante changed everything to his liking. With plot manipulation surpassing the gods they noted it is the same kind of plot manipulation like "him" already surpassing them in strength alone. When he burns his cosmos and divinity he is able to destroy the control of the gods and were toturingly fading them from existence

Omega Cloth: Draonsus wolgelixer- This armor nullifies duality from his opponent and negates their immortality and regeneration upon being wore upon. Burning his cosmos to the limit allows him to twist the space in his opponents abilities and destroy them permanently

Omega God Cloth: Draonsus wolgelixer- After dipping it with thousands of demonic blood the cloth evolved again into a far more powerful cloth as this cloth forces his opponents to take damage that he takes hence nullifying anything that harms him like a mirror. Burning the cosmos to the limit can force his opponent a curse that even if concepts such as death or mortality are foreign to them they will be stricken with this curse and be forced to be subjected to concepts like these as Dante managed to make the dragons feel this curse and brutally kill them

Almighty Omega God Cloth: Draonsus wolgelixer- To be added

Almighty Saint Omega God Cloth: Draonsus wolgelixer- To be added

True Infinity Almighty Super Saint Omega God Cloth: Draonsus wolgelixer- To be added

True Ultimate Infinity Almighty Super Saint Omega God Cloth: Draonsus wolgelixer- To be added

Dying Will Mode- In his dying breath Dante can recover his wounds even if they are suppose to be permenant and can go beserk at the moment of his regret of not winning he can increase all stats for a long time limit is unknown

Hyper Dying Will Mode- To be added

Triforce Mode- To be added

Ultimate Dying Will Mode- To be added

Final Ultimate Dying Will Mode- To be added

True Infinity Ultimate Final Dying Will Mode- To be added

Red Truth-TBA

Blue Truth-TBA

Golden truth-TBA

Rainbow Truth-TBA

Colorless Truth-TBA

Infinite Truth-TBA

Omnislash- Slashes an infinite combo of death and one simple slash can cut reality and fiction easily to infinite pieces

X Burner- Burns everything easily and comes out in an X shape that burns through even water bypassing durability

XX Burner- Infinitely more powerful than X Burner

Save Load and Delete- This is ambiguous but according to Vergil Dante can saves every movement made in all of reality and fiction reseting everything to any point in time but there a thing called Delete is an ability to destroy reality and fiction infinitely by deleting a save point and since he has an infinite amount of them then you get the point… (also immune to it's effects)

Determination- Like the names technique this gives extra strength but it depends on his determination (though an example is like he is normally 2-A then with determination give him until High 1-B let's say but without determination it is still 2-A)

LOVE- It's like determination just it depends on his violence

Precognition- Predicts all possible outcomes and no one can predict him (plus all the outcomes are him winning anyway)

Potences- He possesses every single potencies like the solopotence, Gokupotence, Brolyptence, Popopotence, Kenpachipotence, omnipotence, etc (you get it he has all the potences that exist and copy them) also he is immune to these potences so it will be useless to use them against Dante

Rebirth- Can stop the infinite damage and reset everything infinite times

Life wiper- Eccientially the same as destroying infintely just with people's lives by existing

555: the number of god- gives godly essences and like a transformation adds his stats beyond infinitely a godly immunity

666: the number of the beast- gives more demonic essences like 555 just more evil and boosts demonic powers also gives demonic kind of immunity

777:Combination of good and evil- Also know as the perfect number Dante boosts this to unimaginable heights even more than infinity and combines both the godly and demonic essences gives balance immunity Note: The immunities in the numbers just means he is immune to a bunch of damage only people equal to him can damage him in those states

True Ultimate Final Infinity Chaos Holy Angry Raging Spirit Devil Kamehameha Dragon Fist Bomb- It's Dante's ultimate move essentially combines all the moves but most notable have combined with the chaos force, spirit bomb, tailed beast bomb, raging demon, devil trigger, angel powers, his inner rage, kamehameha and dragon fist into one move and doesn't need to charge helps with long and short ranges. This move destroyed an infinite amount of reality and fiction combined infinite times in just one blast easily also can destroy anyone with its blast even with shielding immortality it takes everything away making it a super haxful and ultra strong raw power move (though all his attacks can force immortals to die this one is a huge upgrade from all the moves) and he took it without a scratch also matched Claire's Pantheon Of One and the clash with all their might (no limits in strength just to say effort) did the same thing as it did individually and only them, Haruto and Skodwarde The Almighty survived (Note: The fight was around Pre Angelo arc or Post-Journey aka during the 5 year time skip) (Note 2: due to the upgrades from the post-angelo arc and him not using the moves it is unknown in how much improvement he made like all the other moves as only the abilities were revealed but it is known they have increase to a much higher extend than infinity according to Dante)

Still more to come

Key: Pre-Journey | Post-Journey (after one month training and visiting every verse even the reality one)/Pre-Angelo Arc | Post-Angelo Arc/Pre-1000 Demon Blood War | Post-1000 Demon/Pre-Pandora's Awakening Arc | Post-Pandora's Awakening Arc/Pre-Sanctuary Arc | Post-Sanctuary Arc/Pre-Ragnarok Arc | Post-Ragnarok Arc/Pre-Final Arc | Final Arc (Fusing with all infinite versions of himself also pre-awakening as God)| Final Arc (Before awakening as God weakened by Mundus) | Final Arc (Awakening as God) | Post-Final Arc

Notable Victories:

Dante Anthony Redgrave (pre-Angelo arc) vs Superman (Screwattack) and Yang (Screwattack)

Notable Loses:

He can't lose…..

Stalemate: Claire Farron (Suggsverse) Note: By the simple idea of how their abilities worked and how unimaginably powerful they are, it was literally impossible for either of them to beat the other, even by their own standards. As a result, the two simply decided to become friends

Haruto Fuyuyasumi Note: (they are both above the concept of fighting, after deciding that is pointless, both Dante and Haruto decided to become friends. Currently Dante and Haruto are now chilling in Haruto's backyard eating Pizza and drinking Soda)

Skodwarde The Almighty Note: They are both like Claire and Haruto are beyond the concept of fighting and find it pointless so they all became friends and hang out from time to time though Haruto and Dante prank Skod some times now currently hanging out at Claire's mansion 

Heart that Lies Within The Cards - Yugi ( Gods of Fiction Dimension ) Note: They are like Claire, Haruto and Skod as they are beyond the concept of fighting so they became friends and Yugi is teaching Dante how to play the card game Yugi is most used to though Dante understands they are playing again and again to see who is better for fun

孫悟空Son Goku孫悟空 (Exaggerrated) Note they will like all his other inconclusives will forever fight so they became really close friends

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