Dank Bowser

Inferno Blazed Dank Bowser


When Bowser doesn't feel like kidnapping the princess, he lights it up and raises hell! Riding the skies on his airship, metal playing loudly, it's Dank Bowser!

Powers and Stats

Tier: 420, 666 in Inferno Blazed mode(usually when fighting other dank characters)

Name: Dank Bowser

Origin: Mario Bros./MLG DankVille

Gender: Male

Age: 6,666,666 Years Old

Classification: Turtle/Blazed Kappa

Powers and Abilities: Burning Dankness, Epic Smoke, 666,666,666 DEGREES!, Smoky Flaming Breath, Fiery Metal, 420 Shell Bowl, Summoning, Shapeshifting

Attack Potency: Dank Level (Once he gets blazed, the real tough stuff happens!) | Burning 666 Level (HE'S ON FIRE!! BOOMSHAKALAKA!)

Speed: AS FAST AS THE RAGING FLAMES OF BLAZING! | Roaring Dank Blazing Flames Beyond Speeds Of Burning Dankness


Striking Strength: So blazin, you'll feel it in the underworld!

Durability: Blazed Glaze Shell Level | Roasted Toasted Burning Shell Bong Level

Stamina: Limitless

Range: Blazinpresent 420666

Standard Equipment: Fire Blunt, Dank Glasses, Shell Bowl, Spicy Food, Airship, Weapons Cache

Intelligence: His brain is lit on fire! It shines and crushes mere mortals' minds to ash!

Weaknesses: None...well maybe the fact that he doesn't care about kidnapping princesses while blazed may count...

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Goomba Shroomba: Bowser launches an army of "Magic Goombas" at his foe, usually aiming for the mouth. If the foe ends up consuming one, they'll end up in a nightmarish trip.
  • Smokin Shell: Bowser spins his shell at reality defying speeds, creating a thick wall of black smoke. This smoke is bad for your lungs.
  • Dankzooka: Bowser fires his Dankzooka, which has a massive airhorn sound, and explosively dank Koopa Napalm. Truly explosive!
  • Airship: Bowser mounts his weapon heavy Airship, which he can call at any time, to raise some HELL!
  • Fire Breath: The classic staple Bowser attack.
  • Claw Rampage: Bowser slashes and gashes the foe with his claws, over and over and over again!
  • Bowser Bong Bomb: Bowser jumps HIGH, and crashes with the force of 420 X Infinity. The attack also leaves white reality distorting smoke.
  • Flame Army: Bowser summons a version of his army, unlimited in number, to attack his opposition. The fire army has an inability to be put out that makes Amaterasu look like a joke.
  • Inferno Blazed Mode: Bowser brings forth his super massive castle bong, takes a BIG HIT, and reaches 666 levels of BURNING BLAZING DANKNESS! The transformation is accompanied by loud metal music.

Attacks/Techniques In Blazed Mode

  • Death Metal Inferno 666: Bowser calls forth the mother of all evil infernos to incinerate anything that is in his path, body and soul. Accompanied by loud metal music.
  • Billowing Castle: Bowser morphs into a GARGANTUAN cloud of smoke, shaped like his castle, allowing him total battlefield control. Plus all that smoke is bad for the opponents' lungs.
  • Giga Dank Banzai Bill Punch Fest: Bowser's arms morph into extrememly baked and smoky Banzai Bills each the size of STTGL, which he obviously will use for punching the absolute tar out of his foes with EXPLOSIVE DANK FORCE!
  • ROAR!!!!: Bowser delivers a roar that brings reality to it's very knees. Great for showing his foes who's boss.
  • Smokaiju Army: Bowser summons a smokefire version of his army, all the size of giant Kaijus, to decimate his foes. (Especially if they have an army) Bowser can absorb them back to regain health even.
  • Ultimate Blazing MLG Infernal Annihilation: Bowser's ultimate technique. The flames rage out of control as Bowser goes full blown MLG, as reality, infinity, existence, and non existence all become consumed by his dank blazing inferno.


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