Daniel Bryan is a former wrestle and currently the GM of SmackDown live. he is also an Internet Meme Daniel Bryan achieved Meme status thanks to his 'YES' Chant, a chant that give him a spirit in each and every single fight.

Power and stats

Tier : WWE Tier

Name: Daniel Bryan, The Beard

Origin: Unknown

Gender: male

Age: Immortal

Classification: Human Wrestler, General Manager Of SD live!

Power and Abilities: Superhuman Strength, His power can keep increase as long as his fanboys 'YES' chant, Superhuman Speed, Beard Manipulation

Attack Potency : WWE level|at least Memetic in his peak (can beat Super Cena, Triple H, and Randy Orton)

Speed : at least Superhuman with Memetic reaction (can dodge Roman Reigns Superman Punch). Probably Higher

Lifting Strength : Immeasurable

Striking Strength : at least Memetic in his peak (can Knock the Big Show and Mark Henry)

Durability : at least Memetic (as long as his fanboys cheer him, he always kick out in 2)

Stamina: Superhuman (He fought Triple H, Randy Orton and Batista at the same night without even tired)

Standard Equipment: His 'YES' shirt, 'The Beard is here' shirt and his own fanboys

Range: Human Range

intelligence: WWEscience (was the General manager of SD Live)

Weakness: NO! NO! NO! (he had no weaknesses)


-Defeated Triple H, Randy Orton and Batista at the same night

-Defeated Big Show and Mark Henry

-Has Defeated John Cena

-has defeated three member of The Shield at once

-By jumping he took out the authority


Nottable Victory:

-Triple H

-Randy Orton


-John Cena

-The Shield


Nottable Loses:


Inconclusive Match:


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