Damn Daniel

I won't even bother posting the full Daniel pics. Just the Vans shoes. We will treat this like the crappy 2016 trend it is.


Hooray. A new trend! With some dude saying Damn Daniel to some dude wearing Vans shoes!

Powers and Stats

Tier: Not even worth a tier

Name: Damn Daniel

Origin: Twitter

Gender: Male

Age: The meme should be irrelevant by March-May 2016 so who cares?

Classification: Internet Trend/Human

Powers and Abilities: Mind Control(works only on people who easily follow crap trends)

Attack Potency: Lame

Speed: Viral

Lifting Strength: Does anyone even care?

Striking Strength: Sure does strike trend followers easily

Durability: Won't last long.

Stamina: Low (Trends like these come and go)

Range: The Internet

Standard Equipment: Everchanging Clothes, Vans Shoes

Intelligence: Well uh...pretty damn low

Weaknesses: It's a fad


Notable Victories:

Notable Losses:

  • Time

Inconclusive Matches:

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