Dabbing Squidwarde

Ask and ye shall recieve.

The one that will bring nightmares to those that have watched him dabb.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Dabbing Tier

Name: Dabbing Squidward/Destroyer of Worlds/The One That Brings Suffering

Origin: Skodwardeverse and the internet

Gender: Unknown?, presumably Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Dabber, Hype, Destroyer, He Who Will Cause Misery

Powers and Abilities: Dabbing, Destroying, all of them.

Attack Potency: Building Level+ to Dabbing Level

Speed: Massively Dabbinscient

Lifting Strength: Has no need to pick up stuff

Striking Strength: GJ to Dabbing+

Durability: Building Level+ to Dabbing Level+, likely higher

Stamina: Infinite (for dabbing of course)

Range: Every range.

Standard Equipment: Brown Polo,Clarinet,all of them.

Intelligence: Somewhat smart

Weaknesses: Not dabbing, emotionless people

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Dabb: Squidward starts to dabb destroying anyone that sees him dabbing...unless he allows it too.

Misery: Squidward brings misery to his enemies


Notable Victories:

Your Order

Your Waifu

Inconclusive Matches:

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