Croakey Springfrog is a sentient fluffy person developed by Ty Inc. and is a close friend of Hop Hoppington. He was fluffed on Leap Day, 1996. Croakey began as a swamp farmer, working under his former family's business as fly catchers. Croakey grew tired of that life and hopped far away until he one day stumbled upon Hop, in the middle of soloing RWBY and DBZ profiles like a boss. Croakey, inspired by Hop's power, decided to approach Hop and become his student. Hop accepted and thus their friendship began, and Croakey learned all that Hop could teach him.

Although not as fast as Hop, he still blitzed Kami Tenchi fused with ScrewAttack Superman, and swiftly destroyed them from existence and non-existence and beyond. However, teamed up with Sop, they became the Batman and Robin of destroying overpowered characters that picked on well written, but now overpowered characters.

Croakey collects Hop's trading cards, and owns the Golden Sop card, in Japanese. Valued at 6 hundred trillion U.S. debts. He supports Leap Day and Leap Year, every year.

Powers and Stats

Tier: -1, at least

Name: Croakey Springfrog (formerly Ribbit)

Origin: Ty Inc.

Gender: Fluff

Age: At least Beyond Existence

Classification: Fluffy Person, Frog

Powers and Abilities: Jumping, leaping, hopping, croaking, and eating omnipotent busters like flies

Attack Potency: Beyond Omnipotent (Solo'd Kami Tenchi Fused with ScrewAttack Supeman)

Speed: MEH+ (At least, Massively Equal to Hop)

Lifting Strength: Far beyond however much is needed to footdive his enemies to death+

Striking Strength: Enough to crush and kill even the most powerful Goku in existence+

Durability: Beyond Invincibility+, can't even hurt himself, not even if he was fused with himself over and over. Also has infinite hax negation and invalidates that beyond infinitely.

Stamina: Not applicable

Range: Hopversal+ (likely severally downplayed)

Standard Equipment: Water balloons, the Hopsaber in one issue, and his ribbon.

Intelligence: Beat Prep-Time Batman at everything 

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