CrapCom is one of the worst game companies, they rely only on the overrated Street Fighter series and they ruined Resident Evil series, they create content in the game disk which was decided to be only Dlc (they love Dlc's), they promise games only to cancel them (Megaman Online and Megaman Legends 3), they ruined Devil May Cry with the reboot and put their dead franchises in Crossoverse (Megaman, Darkstalkers, The original Dmc series and etc).

Powers and failures 

Tier: Bankrupt Level (Yamcha at 1/4 of his power)


Name: One of the worst companies, To the stars to the trash


Their favourite version of Megaman

Origin: Ono Street Fighter 2

Gender: Omnisexual (Extremely hated)

Age: Don't know but they are dying


Classification: Company that fucked up big time

Powers and Abilities: Failing at not fucking up, converting your favourite game into bullshit, not listening to their fans, thinking Street Fighter and Action Evil is the future

Attack PotencyDlc Level


Remember when they made good games

Speed: Gem Units Speed

Lifting Strength: Reboot failure

Striking Strength: Striking your wallets for overpriced Dlc's


This was also a good Capcom game

Durability: Censorship Level (Crapcom made unnecessary censorship in Street Fighter 5 because Street Fighter is a family friendly franchise and they listen to the SJW feminists than the fans)

Stamina: Most of them are probably fat ageing men in their late 60's

Range: Rush out a game before it's finished, killing memorable franchises, change a horror game into an action game

Standard Equipment: Money, arcade machines, remakes, the re-re-re-release of old games with stupid updated titles (Street Fighter hyper ultra mega alpha 2 turbo arcade edition), incomplete games with little content at launch and updated later on with multiple overpriced Dlc's.

Intelligence: Fucking delusional

Weaknesses: Old fans who disrespect CrapCom

Notable Loss's:

Everyone's respect

Asura (Because you need to pay money to see the ending)

Megaman fans (They turned Megaman in to a Joke character)

Darkstalkers fans (No sequel because a re-re-re-release did not sold well)

Old Dmc fans (Thanks to Emo Donte and no sequel)

Modders (They removed all the CrapCom censorship and added cool things)

X Men/Fantastic 4 Characters (They are owned by 20th Century Fox)


Hideki Kamiya



Sakura (Useless)

Yamcha (Weakling)

Justin Bieber

Luigi (Screwattack)