Cory is the king of all anime and solos all your verses. His ability with the animes make him OP AF and is the true Otaku s%^&! If anyone disagrees Cory is more than capable of one shotting them with booty/pussy destroyer his most powerful attack.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Anime Waifu Tier

Name: Cory "Meme" Baxter

Origin: The best anime of all time, second only to Shrek.

Gender: All 1964378223958243759320574294732903287 genders

Age: Hentai

Classification: F%^& you

Powers and Abilities: Stealing yo' waifu, takin' yo' laifu, anime

Attack Potency: More than enough to solo your verse

Speed: 2fast

Lifting Strength: Able to lift that skirt and make the panties drop in the process

Striking Strength: He strikes that booty hard

Durability: More durable than your waifu

Stamina: Can go on forever

Range: 2long

Standard Equipment: Anime, your waifu, your laifu, all waifus, otaku lord, weeaboo destroyer

Intelligence: IQ level = True Infinite 

Weaknesses: Himself

Notable Attacks/Techniques: Booty/Pussy Destroyer




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