The Copetanverse is an existence centered around the cockatiel of conception, Copetan (not to be confused with user Copetan). Copetan is the real life source of the Copetanverse (hence its name), while its major entities are beyond existence.

Power of the Verse

Power? You have no idea what you have in store. The absolutely crushing, true power of birds and everything else is truly released... with its second most powerful being.

Supporters and Opponents of the Verse


  • Copetan (kinda obvious)
  • Ryukama (despite Copetanverse being an unholy abomination that shouldn't exist, it's one of my favorite verses)
  • SoyHop (Did a fusion dance)
  • Volcatharsis


  • Skodwarde The Almighty (Needs to look this verse over then make his verdict)
  • The Good Pirate (Isaiah Mustafa will protect him for being Neutral)


Character Profiles


IMG 8022

God Tier

Jay-cutler-workout-routine-diet-plan Hopetan

Bird Tier


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