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An experimental abomination, A technological travesty, a shitposting spectacle. Colossal Quote is the result of what happens when you give man curiosity and abundance. They turn to chaos. Devastating all in its destructive path and annihilating everything that was once holy. All shall bow before the Colossal Quote! 

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Powers and Stats

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TierOcean Tier

Name: Colossal Quote/The Magic Quote

Origin: Copetan's Odd Likes thread, first initiated by Stevethebarbarian 

Gender: Inapplicable

Age: A few hours

Classification: I don't even know anymore 

Powers and Abilities: Shitposting, Size manipulation, Text deletion, derailing threads, fucking wiki in the ass, time traveling (told Ryukama to make a profile for it "for a while now" despite only existing for 2 hours)

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Attack Potency: Thread Level+

Speed: At the very least Massively Omnipresent+, likely ∞+, probably far higher.

Lifting Strength: Lifted the original topic of the thread up and drop kicked it.

Striking StrengthClass MLG+

Durability: Withstood the full dankness that JBW had to offer

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Stamina: Very High (Same joke went on for hours on end without quitting)

Range: Yes

Standard Equipment: Lots of text (most of which can't be seen anymore), dank memes, motivaSHIAn and Illuminati conspiracies.

Intelligence: Extremely High (Holds secrets of the government and was able to expose Ryukama and the Illuminati) 

Weaknesses: The delete button. 


Notable Victories:

Joke Battles Wiki

Wikia in general

Any thread unfortunate enough to spawn it

RWBY, despite being Wall Busters not even they could handle this massive wall of text

Supa Hot Fire

Notable Losses

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Lightning Farron (her beauty even halted this horrid monstrosity)

Copeten (gave the Colossal Quote most of its power, can take it away as well)

Deep Sky Frontier (Still longer. For now.)

IAmTheBreadMan32 (Managed to get to the bottom with a ton of lag.)

3GB of DDR3 RAM (Anything less can't even load the page)

Numbers (managed to load the page in a minute, but it lags a lot)

Alexcar3000 (Managed to load it, but holy biscuits the lag was real)

TUCQ (Put up a good fight before ultimately being assimilated)

Inconclusive Matches: ScrewAttack SuperYang fused with Brotama and Shrek riding the Big Rig with QPU alignment teamed with Chuck Norris assimilated by TFS Popo.

Note: Colossal Quote goes on FAR longer than what this profile is capable of demonstrating. If you are brave enough, go to this thread to witness its full extent. But be warned. Many have fallen doing so...

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