Golden cooler by legofrieza-d902vec

This is Collar

the Mightiest Being on the Universe or known as the Supreme Ruler of the Universe as you can see here and the older Brother of Fridger

Tier: Very High 3-A

Origin: Dragonball Z

Gender: Male

Age: around 80 - 90 (Still Sexy tho)

Classification: a mutated lifeform of the Arcosians "Known as Ice Lizards"

Powers and Abilities: Is stronger than his Brother always one Step ahead even in his death he is stronger than Fridger) He Survived the Sun he is Supreme Leader of the Universe what more do you want to Here !!?! btw he can shoot Lasers and stuff with screaming a lot

Attack Potency: defeats Goku and Vegeta he is Universal

Speed: he is faster than you, so he is God Speedo (dont believe me watch the Movie)

Lifting Strength: he lifted Pickle who weighs a Kajillion (do you wanna know why cuz he infinite Regen means he has infinite Body Parts therefore Kajillion) yeah i know hard Pill to swallow

Striking Strength: Level Dragon Ball Z its to much

Durability: Sun+ (he bathed in the Sun)

Stamina: More than Fridger

Range: Universal+ (he is stronger than Fridger and Fridger is stronger than Gaku and Gaku can destroy Universe)

Standard Equipment: His Armored Love Troupe and a Spaceship Planetslover a Billion Copies who get stronger after each Second they Fight

Intelligence: A Supreme Ruler he is SUPER SMART

Weaknesses: Yellow Round Kai Ball in da Face :/

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