The strongest. Ever. There is no use arguing with her. She's absolutely the strongest and the fastest and the smartest. Everything she says is the word of God. Nothing anyone says will ever be true if she says it's not true.

Cirno completely trumps every non-fairy being in Touhou and some more.

Powers and Stats

Tier: -9 (-1/(0.9^∞))

Name: Cirno

Origin: Touhou Project

Gender: Female

Age: 99

Classification: Badass Ice Fairy, Heroine, Strongest Fairy, The Strongest, Nineball, Ice God

Powers and Abilities: Cryokinesis, Immortality, Flight, Transformation, Courage, Main Caracter Title, Plot Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Time Manipulation and Immunity to Time Stop (Memorized Sakuya's power somehow when she was older), Omnipotence Manipulation, Ability to be automatically stronger than anything any character either existing or not existing either can or can't potentially reach.

Attack Potency: City Block - at her base form, Endless - Has frozen and shattered the ninth dimension at her strongest base form, Bypasses any durability - Has booped TOAA for calling her stupid.

Speed: Infinite Speed

Lifting Strength: Can easily lift whatever she freezes. Even something that weights an infinite amount.

Striking Strength: Always nine times stronger than you

Durability: Weak - at her base form - Survive her own cryokinesis

Stamina: 99x better than normal humans

Range: 99x infinity

Standard Equipment: Watermelon Sword, A calculator to counter her math issues, a Badass beard

Intelligence: Calculated the value of pi in the ninth dimension

Weaknesses: Math, called idiot all the time


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