Tier Beyond Memetic, note this is lowballing to the max, I am talking about lowballing beyond what Goku status were in screwattack and downplayed goku

Name: Chuck Norris

Gender male

Origin: Real Life

Age 75 presumably

Classification strongest person on the weegeepedia, beyond beyond omnipotentce x 2 x 10 x 10 x beyond omnipotence

Powers and Abilities Everything, Nonexistent Everything, Everthing in between

Attack Potency: enough to kill immortal enemies, who cannot die no matter what you do, destroyed a weegee that's 2/3 the trolliverse and what's to 2/3 of a Omniverse oh yeah infinite universes, he used little to no effort to do that, full power unknown.

Speed: Beyond omnipresent, full power unknown

Striking Strength: Same as Destructive capabilities, full power unknown

Lifting Strength: striking strength is what really matters, unknown

Durability tanked hits from Bruce lee, unknown

Stamina: Unknown but probably has infinte stamina

Range: omnidirectional you can't escape Chuck

Intelligence: beyond omniscience x weegeescience

Weaknesses: Getting his chest hair pulled by anyone of his equal or higher


Notable Victories:

Notable Losses:

Bruce lee