The Charlie Charlie challenge is well....uh pencils, paper, and wind. Whee....

Powers and Stats

Tier: Terrible. Just terrible. 

Name: Charlie Charlie Challenge

Origin: A Spanish Pencil and Paper game called "Juego de la Lapicera"

Gender: It's a game. You were expecting a gender? Fine. Gamegendered...

Age: Became viral in 2015....

Classification: Game/Viral Trend/2015 Trend

Powers and Abilities: Absolutely nothing....

Attack Potency: 2015 Level

Speed: Barely Sub-Human Level (When the wind blows it slightly)

Lifting Strength: Please. It's a f*****g pencil.

Striking Strength: Well if you jab the pencil hard enough...

Durability: Lower-Dimensional for the paper, Easily Breakable Level for the pencils

Stamina: Technically Limitless (Papers and Pencils don't tire)

Range: Writing Range

Standard Equipment: Uh....

Intelligence: Pencils and Papers have no independent intelligence

Weaknesses: It sucks, it's a lame trend, the pencil and paper are breakable by even toddlers



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