Powers and Stats

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Tier: Casually Maximum

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Name: Brotama

Origin: One gag line that people then wanted me to make a profile on.

Gender: Manly

Age: Around a month

Classification: A potara fusion of Broly and Saitama

Powers and Abilities: His fists are all the power he needs

Attack Potency: At least Universal (can destroy half the universe and the South Galaxy in one punch. Both Toriyama and ONE cumfirmed this) 

Speed: Immeasurable (blitzed Archie Sanic) 

Lifting Strength: Was able to smoke the blunt of infinite weed and blazed eternity

Striking Strength: Enough to always win

Durability: Rougher than the rest of them, the best of them, tougher than leather

Stamina: Ran past the boundaries of existence then curbstomped Pre Crisis Superman and the Big Rig without breaking a sweat.

Range: Irrelevant (he’ll get to you no matter what)

Standard Equipment: Swag, handicaps/coffins, wounds that will not heal.

Intelligence: Very low. Failed the Hero Association written exam (wrote down “Kakarot” for all the answers)

Weaknesses: Mosquito bites towards his stab scar


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Amazing fanart made in Brotama's kal-like glory (courtesy of SomebodyData)

Notable Victories: (All being in one punch obviously)

Fusion of Azathoth and Primal Monitor

The Marvel omniverse

Elder God Demonbane being piloted by Batman

ScrewAttack Yang (after she absorbed the outer gods)

Neil De Grasse Tyson

TFS Mr. Popo (after assimilating all the above characters)

Notable Losses:

Madafaka (His edginess still paled in comparison to her swag)

Copeten (enough said)

ScrewAttack Superman (actually threw the fight because Wiz was in the room. Still possessing some of Saitama’s mercy, he couldn’t stand to let Wiz see his idol get pumpled)

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