Badly Animated SSJ3 Goku

Bro! That's radical!


Bro! This is Broku! Biggest frat bro in the universe! Better watch your back bro!

Powers and Stats

Tier: Br0

Name: Frat Broku

Origin: Dragon Ball Joisey Bro!

Gender: BRO!!

Age: 20

Classification: Broyan

Powers and Abilities: Iron Jaw, Total Broness, Airhorns, Getting Wasted, Lacrosse Skills

Attack Potency: Bro Level (Bros before foes!)

Speed: Muscle Car

Lifting Strength: Lifted a beer keg

Striking Strength: Class Brofist

Durability: Trashed (He got like so drunk he fell through a table...BRO!)

Stamina: Good fighter, not so much behind closed doors....(WAH WAH WAH)

Range: I can hear that damn airhorn from space!

Standard Equipment: Airhorn, 12 Pack, Textbooks(which he rarely uses)

Intelligence: Low (Is a complete meathead and is only in the college cuz the SJW's whined about the college expelling him so they gave in)

Weaknesses: Reading, Math, Science, Geography, Art.....

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Brofist: BRO! THIS IS MY FIST BRO!


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Notable Losses:

Inconclusive Matches:

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