Brett Favre

The gunslinger! And his name is BRETT FAVRE!


Brett Favre is a former NFL quarterback, Super Bowl winner, and one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time! You better recognize the highlight reel that is Brett Favre!

Powers and Stats

Tier: NFL Tier

Name: Brett Lorenzo Favre

Origin: NFL

Gender: Male

Age: 46 (Born October 10, 1969)

Classification: Human/Quarterback

Powers and Abilities: Long Balls, Obscene Endurance, Super Spirit

Attack Potency: NFL Level+++

Speed: NFL Level Quarterback Speed, Hyper Dimensional+++++ passing speed

Lifting Strength: Class Pigskin

Striking Strength: Class Favre with Wrangler Jeans (threw a roundhouse kick that would make Chuck Norris poop himself), Class NFL with his normal gear (Even though he's a quarterback, those helmets HURT)

Durability: Completely Unbelievable (Favre has taken many hits that would make other QBs cry uncle and continuously started every game still)

Stamina: Completely Ridiculous! (Started every game from his fourth game as a Packer all the way to the Vikings vs Bills game in 2010, for a total of 297 consecutive starts, 321 including playoffs)

Range: Above Conceptual football throwing, NFL level combat range

Standard Equipment: Football Gear, Football, Wrangler Jeans

Intelligence:  Very High (Being a college graduate and all)

Weaknesses: Has some of the more negative records like most career interceptions, plays a very high risk passing game, tends to get hit HARD


  • Favre's best(and worst) feats can be found here.



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