Brandon Rogers

Get those flowers outta my face you want me to see Jesus?

Tier: Memetic

Name: Brandon Rogers, Grandpa

Origin: Youtube

Gender: Who knows

Age: Ageless

Classification: Some internet dweeb

Powers and Abilities: His videos can either leave you laughing till you are dead, or in horrendous disappointment at the failure of our species as a whole.

Attack Potency: Internet+ (Could easily destroy the internet if he does not keep his powers in check. Also from terrible videos)

Speed: As fast as it takes his videos to load

Lifting Strength: Less than a newborn baby

Striking Strength: Internet+

Durability: Internet+

Stamina: As long as his videos last

Range: Across the entire internet

Standard Equipment: His "funny" videos, Pampers

Intelligence: Subhuman  

Weaknesses: Vine

Others Edit

Notable Victories:

Notable Losses:

  • Chuck Norris(He laughed so hard it actually killed Brandon)
  • Vine(via countless pre-teens stealing a part of his video and never giving credit)

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