Booty O's

They make sure you ain't booty!


Booty O's is a delicious cereal filled with the power of unicorn magic! Boo-Ty-O's! Boo-Ty-O's! Boo-Ty-O's!

Powers and Stats

Tier: B00TY

Name: Booty O's

Origin: WWE

Age: Fresh out the box

Classification: Magical Cereal

Wielders: The New Day

Powers and Abilities: Unicorn Magic, Unicorn Powers, Music Generation (to a lesser degree than Francesca though), Rainbow Generation

Attack Potency: Booty Level

Speed: Bootypresent 

Durability: Iron Buns Level 

Range: Bootypresent

Weaknesses: If someone doesn't eat it, they're booty.

Feats: Makes people not booty

Notable Attacks/Techniques: 

  • Unicorn Magic: Exactly what it says. The wielder grows wings, sprouts a unicorn horn, and gets a trombone that is not booty, but not as powerful as Francesca.

Note: The cereal must be ingested to have an effect.