The nighmare of all Monster

Powers and Stats

Tier: 8-C, likely 7-B | Much far higher against monsters

Name: Boo, also known as That Thing

Origin: Somewhere nearly to your house

Gender: A pretty little girl... but is probably some kind of disguised freak

Age: Around 3 years old

Classification: Supposedly human

Powers and Abilities: telekinesis, flight, prettiness manipulation, can shoots laser beams, shildishness manipulation, insta-kill touch (just against monsters)

Attack Potency: Room level+ (blasted a car with its laser vision), likely City level (threatered to destroy Monstropolis) | Higher against monsters (she insta-kill them with just her touch)

Speed: At least Subsonic+, likely higher (was needed like 20 eyes to see her moves)

Liftting Strength: At least Class 1 (picked a Slug Monster up with its mind power and shook him like a doll)

Striking Strength: Between Class MJ and PJ | Depends of the monster size, can range from melt it completely to explode it in millions of pieces

Stamina: Very high, she can scratch your walls, disorganize the CDs, stole and play with your teddy bear and destroy your house without even breaking a sweat

Durability: She don't need Durability, no non-monster being dares to hurt her and no monsters dares to touch her

Intelligence: She is too stupid naive too thinking

Range: Several meters with his mind powers

Weaknesses: This being is too stupid to do something right None



One of the witness of the feats of That Thing... the man will never sleep in peace after that day

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