What a dumbass. Amiright guys? ;D

Name: Bomberman A.K.A. Shiro Bom

Origin: That one game on the Xbox 360

Gender: Whatever Dig Dug wants him to be (depends on whether or not Taizo wants to stick his pump in him)

Age: Apparently, born yesterday

Classification: Robot Slave, Taizo Hori's bitch, Drooling Neanderthal

Powers and Abilities: Getting blown up (In more ways than one)

Attack Potency: Wall Level or at least anything but universal (What? What is this "actual plot" you speak of? There is only gameplay)

Speed: Slow fatass without the help of a kangaroo or powerups

Lifting Strength: Can apparently only lift one bomb without powerups soooooo... Regular Human

Striking Strength: None (Only knows how to place bombs, not punch)

Durability: Low Wall level (Gets evaporated by wall level explosions)

Stamina: Sub Human (Can only set down another bomb after one has exploded. This obviously means he's too tired to put another one down)

Range: About as far as your arm can reach without powerups

Standard Equipment: "Bombs bombs and more BOMBS" -Boomstick 2K10

Intelligence: Mentally Impaired (Traps himself in between a bomb and a wall and isn't even smart enough to move the bomb without powerups)

Weaknesses: Dumb to a fault because it's totally not the player's fault


Notable Victories:

Naruto Uzumaki (Downplayed) (Stomp, Naruto was too weak for Bomberman)

Notable Losses:

Taizo Hori A.K.A. Dig Dug

Inconclusive Matches:



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