Bold And Brash

Truly an artistic masterpiece.


Bold And Brash is a masterful piece of art done by Squidward. It has been emulated many times online.

Powers and Stats

Tier: -1

Name: Bold And Brash

Origin: SpongeBob SquarePants

Gender: Such beautiful art cannot be defined by gender

Age: True art is timeless

Classification: Art Piece

Powers and Abilities: Boldness, Brashness

Attack Potency: Art Level

Speed: As swift as the stroke of a brush

Lifting Strength: True art is not meant to lift things, but to be lifted with pride

Striking Strength: The passion of such an art piece will strike at your very soul

Durability: True Art Lasts Forever

Stamina: True art never withers

Range: As far as the bold canvas that is used to make art

Standard Equipment: N/A

Intelligence: Only those of a higher art taste can truly understand this piece

Weaknesses: Flawless


  • Survived being tossed in the dump by a janitor who was influenced by a low rate art critic named Monty P Moneybags

Notable Attacks/Techniques: N/A



Notable Victories:

  • Monty P Moneybags

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