The absence of light, its really dark.

Now watch me whip

Now watch me whip Now watch me at nay nay Now watch me whip, whip Now watch me nay nay Can u do Watch me Watch me Ohhh Watch me Watch me Can u do

Powers and Stats

TierHigh 1-A (Is absolutely formless, abstract, and virtually limitless, only kept from 0 due to white being its equal)

Name: Black

Origin: Colorverse

Gender: None (Its a "color")

Age: True Eternity

Classification: "Color", opposite of white

Powers and Abilities: Destruction, negation of any attack, nothingness manipulation, omnilock, black hole manipulation, immortality (Type 5)

Attack PotencyIrrelevant

SpeedNigh-omnipresent (Can be everywhere that isn't white)

Lifting StrengthInapplicable

Striking StrengthIrrelevant 

DurabilityTrue infinity 

Stamina: None

Range: Nigh-omnipresent

Standard Equipment: 

Intelligence: None


Notable Attacks/Techniques:


Notable Victories:

Notable Losses:

Inconclusive Matches:


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