An episodic version of Joke Battles Wiki. Written, story-boarded, and narrated by Morgan Free, Neil DeGrass Tyson, James Blake and Vin Deisel. It's also crossing over reality and fiction, and beyond.

This is a universe of the meme versions of all users (and their creations) of Vs Battles, Joke Battles, and FC/OC Battles wikis. Here all characters are treated as their strongest in carnation and fight to the death (they are all above this concept, even if universally downplayed, except for Beyonder). Everyone exists together, as if they all are within the same verse. WELCOME.

Power of the Verse

Even the strongest members of the verses are gods compared to Tier 0's. They are what crushes and unites and divides the omniverses. They make beings of ultimate power+ tremble. This is truly fear.


NOTE: Members and beings must add themselves or be requested personally. Proof must be provided.

- SoyHop (and Hop Hoppington)

- CaptainFalcon64 (and Captain Falcon)

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