Barack Obama is something of a multitasker. While it was impressive enough for him to become President of the United States, what is more impressive is his side job- superhero.

You see, when darkness had decended all across the land, a lone voice in the distance uttered: "Yes, we can." He gave good speeches, never sweat. He was real good at the internets. He's Barack Obama, and he's come to save the day!
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He's Barack Obama and he's come to save the daaaaay!


  • Saved the world from global warming.
  • Passed a major stimulus for the bourgeois.
  • Went to space
  • Punched a robot in the face
  • Said he would stop unemployment and market dives
  • Beat up a bunch of pirates
  • Invented a car that runs on nuts and corn, flies, and emits, not CO2, but rainbows.
  • Fixed America's schools.
  • Saved a kitten from a tree.
  • Outran a massive explosion.
  • Is believed to be able to fix the U.S.A. just by snapping his fingers.
  • Disregarded the mounting debt
  • Made the Jews and Arabs friends)


Tier: 7-B at least

Name: Barack Obama

Gender: Male

Age: 54

Origin: Real Life, Jib Jab

Classification: Super Powered POTUS

Attack Potency: At least Town Level (Split a mountain in half, destroyed a massive robot in one punch, effortlessly smashed through a large pirate ship, then easily defeated all of the pirates on board, likely much higher through reality warping)

Speed: Hypersonic at least (Made it from the white-house to somewhere out in the atlantic ocean in less than two seconds, outran a massive explosion, fixed a school in less than a second, made it to space in seconds, wrote thousands of checks in seconds)

Lifting Strength: Class M at least (Effortlessly lifted the White House, moved a massive industrial machine, stopped a train effortlessly, possibly massively higher if his feat of lifting the earth is to be taken seriously)

Striking Strength: See Attack Potencey

Durability: Town Level at least (Took no damage from being crashed into by a train, from being caught in a massive explosion, from being in the vacuum of space, and from being smashed into by a monster that was able to easily crack the ground)

Stamina: Unknown, but did all of this stuff in a matter of seconds, so surely very high

Range: Unknown, at least 200 yards with reality warping, judging from how high he was flying when he used it, planetary if his feat of freezing the world is to be taken seriously.

Standard Equipment: Belt, suit, big ears, lots of money.

Intelligence: Unknown, was able to write thousands of checks in seconds, so can evidently think very quickly, this is also evidenced by his giving good speeches and his repairing of the school, which he did in seconds, as well as the fact that he was able to singlehandedly run industry. However, he disregarded the mounting debt, an action that indicates low intelegence.

Weaknesses: None notable, although he isn't good at managing an econemy. Powers and Abilities: Flight, superhuman speed, strength,stamina, durability. Reality warping (Was able to turn an arabic soldier into a bunny, a ruined car into an ice-cream truck, and a mosque into a "Hole Foods" store, as well as turning a monsterous line graph into a heart monitor) possible size manipulation, (as he appeared the size of the Earth), ice breath (that can possibly freeze an entire planet) the ability to breathe in space, enhanced construction skills, possible Animal mind control (a shark leapt out of the water to eat a pirate he had punched) but this is suspect, as he also wrestles bears. Enhanced Invention, ect.

Notable Attacks and Techniques: Reality warping, as well as simple punches and kicks. Feeds you ice-cream and you become friendly. Knows Kung-Fu, which he used on the Taliban and pirates.

[1]: His campaign poster. How could you not vote for that?

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