After being meme-fie as an Armpit Miko, a certain miko have finally used her power to ignored all realities and have ascended to this rank. In turn earning the title of the most wanked character in the wiki, and the first and worst page i have ever created on this site.

Tier: Memetic 

Name: Reimu Hakurei

Origin: Touhou

Age: Forever teen

Classification: Armpit Miko

Powers and Abilities: To float away from reality, therefor ignoring any reality, even those of Memetic. Therefore, she's the strongest.

Attack Potency: To her, realities don't matter. Therefore, any and all realities is all in her wimp, with just a fickle of will to destroy a reality. And this is true because i said so.

Speed: Memetic (obviously, though this is still an understatement of her true speed

Lifting Strength: Memetic (again)

Striking Strength: Memetic (Because i wanted to! And Reality-Ignoring stuff)

Durability: Memetic (Do i have to repeat myself again?)

Stamina: Memetic (Reality Ignoring)

Range: Memetic (I don't care anymore...)

Standard Equipment: Armpit-revealing Miko garb and a purification stick

Intelligence: Average (Technically, it should be Memetic, but i don't want to make it too bad

Weaknesses: Have to showed her armpit everytime she fight.

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