Applejack is one of the Main Six, and easily one of the physically surperior of the Main Six. She is the Goddess of Honesty/Truth, and emdodies the Element of such. 

Powers and Stats 

Equestria girls applejack by ytpinkiepie2-d8yya3o


Tier: 3-A l Higher

Name: Applejack

Nickname(s) : Unknown

Age: 17

Origin: Dragon Ball Z x My Little Pony Crossover

Gender: Female

Classification: Saiyan, Saiyan Goddess /  Human Hybrid / Goddess of Honestry/Truth.

Destructive Capacity: Universal at EoS ( At the end of the series, she , just like the other Main Six , w'as Equal to Beerus' full power in her Base form ) l Higher with Transformations

Range: Universal l Universal 

Speed: Massively FTL+ at Base (  Can contend with Beerus' speed ) l Higher With Transformations. 

Lifting Strength: Galactic  (ls one of the physically surperior in srength, and lifted a box which held a mini galaxy in it, which held the entire mass of a galaxy, with one hand. )

Striking Strength: Universal ( Is on equal terms with Beerus' . )   l Higher with Transformations.

Stamina: Nigh Limitless l Same

Intelligence: Very High ( Not on par with Twilight's, but she is abnormally smart. ) 

Notable Attacks & Techniques: