And Diarrhea Joke Foot


One of the greatest attacks in ScrewAttack history, the Joudan Sokutogeri is known far and wide as the devastating "And Diarrhea Joke Foot". Performed by Ryu Hoshi, it is a brutal kick with a heavy amount of bowel related effects.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Tier S-A

Name: Joudan Sokutogeri/And Diarrhea Joke Foot

Origin: Street Fighter/Screwattack

Gender: I don't think kicks have genders...

Age: 19 (Originated in Street Fighter 3, which came out in Japan in February 1997)

Classification: Kick

Powers and Abilities: Hard Knockback, Bad Smell, Diarrhea Inducement

Attack Potency: Stomachache Level (Barring the most broken of the broken, this technique is guaranteed to give you Diarrhea)

Speed: The Runs

Lifting Strength: N/A

Striking Strength: So hard it gives you runny stool


Stamina: Irrelevant (It's a kick)

Range: Leg Range

Standard Equipment: N/A

Intelligence: The best masters have taught this technique

Weaknesses: Unfunny


And Diarrhea Joke Foot Performed By Ryu


Notable Victories:

  • Constipation (You won't be constipated after this)
  • Akuma (Akuma had tummy troubles.)
  • Mirko Cro Cop (Mirko was in his UFC days and got clobbered)

Notable Losses:

  • Chuck Norris's Roundhouse: (Chuck was too tough, and didn't get the runs)
  • Shawn Michaels's Sweet Chin Music (The joke foot exploded from the force of the SCM)

Inconclusive Matches: