Vektorz Are Maximumz

Accelerator: is a maximum character from the top kek chinese cartoon show adventure timez, he can make really cool explosions and can fly around, he later suffers braindamage from viewing ScrewAttack Goku Vs Superman

Tier: Vector Control

Name: Accelolicon 

Origin: Pokemon

Gender: Male

Age: Reflects age

Classification: teenage god

Powers and Abilities: Reflects your fave, >>NLF<< ,can avoid charges of mass murder, lolicon-magnet, can summon touma via phone call, ability to disappear from his own manga for a year, vektorz, very good vectors, can create power for the starvin marvins in Africa

Attack Potency: Vector Control

Speed: VectorFast 

Lifting Strength: Irrelevant, Vector control lifts everything

Durability: Reflects Durability 2 stronk

Striking Strength: Stronger than everything

Stamina: At least maximum

Range: Irrelevant

Standard Equipment: Vectors,Loli's, cellphone, R2D2, the earth, 

Intelligence: beat 100 dank super computers at CoD

Weaknesses: Reflects weaknesses

Notable Attacks/Techniques: Vectors  enuf said  he auto wins get over it and its definitely not NLF ok M8 

Notable Victories::







Promestein (Made her admit her super secret tsundere love for him and added her to his loli army)

Notable Losses:


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