The man, the myth, the legend...

It was December 11th, 2015. While everyone is full of cheer and preparing for the new year, Ryukama was full of stress and dreading the new day. In order to ease his mind, he joins the VS Battles Wiki chat only to have his anxiety turn into confusion. His mind was boggled as he reads a man comment, “Welp, I’m gonna go masturbate in the basement. *grabs magazine” Ryu gazes off into the vast skies, looking at the luminescent stars as he wonders what the context of that statement was. With no one to give him the answers he seeks, he tells the story of what he does know in the only way he knows how…

Powers and Stats

TierTop [Kek] Tier

Name: AWikiaContributor007

Origin: VS Battle Wiki Chat

Gender: Most likely male (everyone on the internet is male)

Age: Unknown

Classification: A Wikia contributor

Powers and Abilities: Kek warping, lulz production, shitposting, master at martial arts (especially small joint manipulation.)

Attack Potency: At least Island level (sent the whole chatroom’s sides into orbit)

SpeedToo fast (if you know what I mean)

Lifting Strength: Unknown (but his right arm is a lot stronger than his left)

Striking Strength: Struck me as a surprise when I saw his comment.

DurabilityHigh (Regularly beats himself.)

Stamina: Low (He explodes in short volumes.)

Range: Shot all over his basement.

Standard Equipment: A magazine, some lotion, a box of tissues and a mental image of Isaiah Mustafa (cause let’s face it who doesn’t)

Intelligence: Expert at comedic timing.

Weaknesses: His mom walking in without knocking.


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