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Tier: 3-B/Low 3-A

Name: Aaaah-Look-at-dat-Booty-Show-Me-the-Booty-Gimme-the-Booty-I-Want-the-Booty-Back-Up-the-Booty-I-Need-the-Booty... (phonetic approximation) Deg Deg, le Lenny Face, le Face Face, le Palestine Face

Origin: ...

Gender: Male...?

Age: Around 3

Classification: Smiley/Emoticon

Powers and Abilities: Thread-jacking, etc

Attack Potency: Thread Level (can hijack entire threads), potentially higher (raided the entire Israel subreddit)

Speed: N/A

Lifting Strength: Thread Level via bumping, otherwise N/A

Striking Strength: Up to Forum Post Level+ with single attacks

Durability: Around Multi-Site Level+ (its status as a meme makes it extremely hard to destroy)

Stamina: N/A

Range: Multisital as a well-known meme

Standard Equipment: N/A

Intelligence: N/A

Weaknesses: N/A