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Felix Kjellberg (Also known as PewDiePie) is the King if Bros, he has an army of 66 Million 9 year olds, go subscribe to him right now, he laughed at Logan Pauls and every other youtubers power, oh and did we mention how hes the one true legitimate son of Hitler and the secret leader of the Forth Reich (Evidence can be found here and here, warning though, those images may be offensive) Also regarded as the strongest of the Three Gods of YouTube, with Markiplier and Jacksepticeye as his inferiors and compatriots.

Twitter and YouTube

His Twitter account

His YouTube Channel

Powers and Stats

Tier: BuT cAn YoU dO ThIS!!! (And the answer is you can't)

Name: Felix Kjellberg

Origin: Sweden

Gender: Male, but he respects Whamen

Age: 9 + 19 Bonus Years

Classification: YouTuber, King of Bros

Powers and Abilities: Here is a few (The actual list is to big to be contained on one Wiki page)

YouTube Manipulation (As seen when he created his own YouTube Channel), Video Manipulation (Uploads videos daily), View Manipulation (He gains fuck tons of views), Green Screen Manipulation, Meme Destruction (As seen here), Laughing, Roasting, Skilled in Sword Combat (As seen here), Martial Arts Mastery (Shown to be highly skilled at martial arts in his fight with Lord Boros), Capable of existing outside of existnce (as seen here), Cringe Manipulation, All of the Powers I forgot to list and more

Attack Potency: More than enough to kill even the strongest meme (Proven to be superior to Logan Paul, created Ugandan Knuckles out of lasagna and ate him, effortlessly overpowered Super Saiyan God Goku, made all of existence and non-existence cringe in unison, matched Thanos in single combat, confirmed to have killed numerous memes, casually defeated PewDiePie...wait what?)

Speed: Uberdubergodlybonkers+ (Reacted to this guy, capable of moving outside the boundaries of everything and nothing, traveled across the farthest reaches of The Internet to kill memes, dodged demonetization from the YouTube Algorithm, easily beat PewDiePie in a race)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Omni-hyperbox destruction impossible to comprehend+ (Harmed Jiren with casual punches)

Durability: Even God himself doesn't understand (Tanked hits from PewDiePie)

Stamina: PewPewPew

Range: To Much

Standard Equipment: His Chair (only $399), camera, his subs, his money, The Ruby Brofist, The Bro Force

Intelligence: Woke AF (Demonstrated his wokefullness here and here

Isn't their supposed to be something here?

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Meme review (Kills any meme, no matter what)
  • LWIAY (Looks at memes, degrading their worth) 
  • YLYL (Laughs at people) 
  • Roast (Roasts you, once you have been roasted, there's no coming back, did this to Logan Paul)  
  • Bro Fist (Annihilates any and all aspects of a person)
  • "But can you do THIS?"
  • THE SPIT (Felix spits on you and it makes you so offended that you want to destroy Felix but to do that you have to be stronger than him which is impossible.He learned this move from Uganda Knuckles and he (Pewds) used this move on Vegito exaggerated??.)


Became the most Subscribed Channel on YouTube for several years.

Defeated Goku.

Defeated Jiren.

Defeated Thanos multiple times.

Defeated the YouTube Algorithm.

Used Dr. Phil for views.

Destroyed hoards of Memetic and Ocean level fighters with complete ease.




Ryan Higa







Dude Perfect

Jake Paul

Logan Paul



Jennifer Lawrence

Amy Schummer

Katy Perry

Taylor Swift

Luis Fonsi Official


Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Mark Zuckerberg

Every Youtuber (has your favorite youtuber get 66 mil subs, I dont think so)






Chuck Norris (Meme Edition) (The Real World) Chuck's profile

Swap king(?) Swap king's profile

Stalemates/inconclusive matches:

Pyrocynical (The Real World) Pyro's profile (This was True First Secretary of the Soviet Communist Party Pyro and Fuhrer of the Fourth Reich Pewds)

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